How To Prepare Your Glassware For Storage

It is essential to prepare your glassware for storage correctly and on time. Glasses are very hard for packing and transporting. Sometimes companies will ask clients if they need some kind of service. Like for air-conditioned warehouse, maybe you do not require such expensive assistance. However, some people need to transport old, antique, or costly objects made of glass. In that case, companies prepare for transport.

  • They pay attention to extremely fragility of those objects – it is tough to protect glasses from damaging;
  • People choose to transport expensive glasses – if you have those prepare your glassware for storage very carefully;
  • Usually, glasses are robust and take a lot of space – you maybe need to ask for a warehouse for rent in Jeddah to use before packing them.
You should consider of leaving glasses behind when moving

Prepare your glassware for storage properly

When preparing glasses for storage, you should contact the moving company first. Not only that, but they also have advice for you, they could help you in packing. However, do not just jump into this unprepared. The purchasing of proper packing materials is first.

Start with making a list

You should make an inventory list before start with preparing your glassware. In that way, you will know precisely how many of them you have. Local movers Saudi Arabia knows that people usually forget about small objects. Also, you may feel that this job is more comfortable than it seems to be.

Prepare the right packing

There are great packing materials that logistic companies in Jeddah recommend for sensitive items. Do not save on them. Most of them companies recommend for sensitive and fragile items. However, make sure that you have all prepared before packing starts. It is hard to buy something when the packing starts.

Prepare your glassware for storage and pack them carefully

After you have prepared, you should pack your glasses properly. Do not forget about packing supplies and proper protection. It is best to leave at least a day for this job. You will maybe need to organize much longer packing than you have planned.

Wash and clean glasses before packing them

Wash everything

It is a much longer and harder job than you expect. However, do not leave glasses or vases with dust, dirt, or mold. It could damage during transportation. Mold and dust could leave ugly marks on the glass and surprise you. Also, make sure that they are scorched when putting inboxes.

Wrap each of them

Even though you have reasonable and sturdy boxes and quality paper, do not leave glassware to touch each other. They could easily damage that way. Wrap each of them in the newspaper, or even batter bubble wrapping. You can use blankets or pillows to protect the bottom and top of the boxes, too.

Glasses for wine
Do not forget to label boxes with glasses

Label boxes clearly

Glasses could damage very quickly. Maybe you have heard about breaking glass with sound. Only a small vibration could break them. Make sure that workers in the moving company know that you have put glasses inside the box. Label the sides of the boxes, too.

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