How to relocate a pool table internationally?

Many people enjoy playing pool at their favorite bar, but some go to the extent of getting one for their home. It is all fun and games until you have to move it one day. Even though it might seem straightforward, it isn’t. And to make things worse, it can weigh up to a ton. So, you have an expensive, fragile, and heavy item that needs moving. Should you hire skilled movers like Four Winds Saudi Arabia for the job? Definitely yes! But do many people attempt to do it by themselves? Definitely yes again. We can help you try your beginner’s luck by giving you a few tips on how to relocate a pool table internationally.

Don’t start the process without the right tools

Moving a pool table is no child’s play. Most people do all the moving tasks themselves, but when it comes to shipping to Saudi Arabia, they leave it to the professionals. Especially when you need to relocate a pool table internationally. To do this by yourself, you will first need:

  • A few strong friends
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Staple remover – might sound funny but you will need it for the felt
  • Measuring tape
  • Labels
Stack of carton boxes and books on shabby table
Friends can help you – but not with everything.

Disassemble the pool table with great caution

Get your screwdriver ready and take a deep breath. You should be able to first remove the ball sockets, followed by the side rails. Next, is the felt, which you need to take off gently if you want to have it in one piece. The side slates are next, which can weigh up to 450 pounds. Even though it might seem like the leggings go off first, they are last. When you get to this step, it might be better to turn the table around. Once all the pieces are detached, wrap them in moving blankets and label them. You should also separate all the screws and bolts into separate labeled ziplock bags. If your pool table ends up in some warehouse Saudi Arabia for some time, you will for sure forget which screw goes where.

Measure spaces where you will be passing through

Both 9-foot and 8-foot regulation tables are big and heavy. For an item this big, you need to plan the route you will be taking, even if you disassemble it. First measure the biggest and potentially the most problematic pieces, the side slates. Use the measurements you took to find the route through doorframes, staircases, and hallways that will make the moving process the easiest possible. You can also use the measurement to find an adequate storage unit in some warehouse Riyadh if you plan to store your pool table for some time.

Make adequate shipping accommodations

The price for shipping goods usually depends on the distance traveled, since the majority of items transported on ships are heavy. You can expect to pay around $1 per mile for a long-distance move. The distance between the two closest ports in the USA and Saudi Arabia for example is 6,521 nautical miles or 7,504 miles.

Picture of ships on the sea
When you want to relocate a pool table internationally, shipping is one of the few solutions

Final thoughts on how to relocate a pool table internationally

When you plan to relocate a pool table internationally, know that it will be no easy task, no matter how many people help you. As nice as you ask your friends for help, they are not professionals. We are talking about trained, skilled people who know the adequate lifting techniques, that will prevent possible injuries. But the decision is always up to you, so we wish you good luck!

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