How to reuse packing supplies after the move

If you are left with tons of packing supplies after your move, do not throw them into the garbage. There are many ways to reuse packing supplies after the move. Of course, they have to be in decent shape. However, that solely depends on the moving company you hired. If your movers are careless and sloppy, there won’t be anything to reuse. That is why, if you want to have some boxes saved after the move, you should hire moving companies in Bahrain for your move. Not only that they will take care of your boxes during the move, but they will also unpack them carefully if you emphasize that you want to keep your packing materials for later use.

Packing supplies to reuse after the move
You will have many boxes at your disposal after the move

What to reuse after the move

When you are moving, many different materials will be used for packing your items. Of course, most noticeable are cardboard boxes. And they can be most useful. However, besides boxes more things could be valuable. Those plastic sheets with bubbles are a thing that most people like to play with. You probably know how stress relieving is when you burst those bubbles.

Also, you will have different kinds of plastic wraps and sheeting that you can reuse. On the other hand, you will have many unusable material pieces that you can recycle or throw right away.  That is why you need to know in advance what materials you can reuse. So, that you don’t keep trash in your home for no reason.

List of most common packing materials used for packing during relocation

  • Cardboard boxes are the first thing you will think about when you want to reuse packing supplies after the move.
  • You will also have many plastic bags after unpacking, and they could be very useful.
  • Plastic bubble sheeting is the thing that everyone likes to play with. Nevertheless, it could have more uses than just stress relieving.
  • Stretch wrap can be hard to keep in good condition because it is so thin and sticks to everything. Strangely, there is a way to save it and later reuse stretch wrap, but you will have to cooperate with your logistics Saudi Arabia on this.
  • Packing tapes are usually useless after unpacking is finished.
  • Packing peanuts, on the other hand, will have many uses after the move.
Cardboard boxes
Reuse your cardboard boxes

How to reuse packing supplies after the move – Cardboard boxes

The most obvious thing you can do with cardboard boxes is that you can keep the stuff inside them. But what to do if your movers and packers in Riyadh, were so professional and careful that they save all your moving boxes. Of course, you can’t use them all. You can use a few boxes to store some items in a closet, or somewhere where it is not in plain sight. But what to do with the rest? The good thing about cardboard boxes is that you can disassemble and fold them so that they don’t take much space. However, people usually use their moving boxes to pack items for storing in a storage facility. If you have items that you are planning to store in warehouse Riyadh, those cardboard boxes will be your best solution.

If you do not plan to store anything or to move again anytime soon, there is no need to keep all those boxes in your new home.  The responsible thing to do would be to recycle your used boxes. Alternatively, if you know someone who is planning to move, you can be generous, and help someone in need.

How to reuse packing supplies after the move – Plastic garbage bags

Plastic bags can be also used for storing items, but the good thing about them is that they do not take any space at all. That means that you should keep them, even if you do not have an immediate idea of how to reuse them. Just keep them in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen. And there won’t be a long time before you will need them for something. If nothing else, you can use them for garbage.

How to reuse packing supplies after the move -Bubble plastic

Popping bubbles is the first thing that everyone will think about when you mention bubble plastic. But, even though it is fun and relaxing to pop those bubbles you should pass that treat if you want to reuse it later. Those bubble plastic sheets are always good for protecting items from damage in a storage facility and could be a good insulator. But some people have found uses for Bubble plastic in art. The internet is full of ideas on how to have fun and paint with bubble plastic. Therefore, if you like to paint, there is an idea to try with your kids.

Worker pushing cargo
Logistic companies will use stretch wrap to secure your load

How to reuse packing supplies after the move – Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is something that most people get rid of after the move. It seems like there is no way to keep it reusable. But when logistic companies in Saudi Arabia prepare your shipment for transportation, they will use many layers of stretch wrap to keep your items on a pallet during transportation. So if you have an opportunity to be the one who will strip those stretch wraps, use the scalpel to make one vertical cut on the package and you will have a perfectly fine large sheet of plastic which you can use for whatever purpose.  But, it can mostly be used for covering and wrapping large items.

How to reuse packing supplies after the move – Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are sometimes very annoying. They can leave lots of mess around the house, especially if they are damaged. However, you can save a pile or two, for later use. People who have large pots with plants, use them to fill the bottom of the pot to act as a drainage system. But it will also help you to fill it with soil, as the peanuts will take lots of space inside the pot.  You can use them to keep your toes separated when you are doing a pedicure. Or decorate a Christmas tree.

There are many ways to reuse packing supplies after the move. However, you will have to hire reliable movers and packers in Riyadh if you want your materials in good condition after the move. Luckily, that will not be so hard to do.

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