How to Ship Glass Without It Breaking

Whether we are moving, shipping items or receiving a delivery package, no one wants their stuff damaged. That worry is much more intense when dealing with glassware. It is extremely fragile and easily breakable, on top of being very inconvenient to clean up if it gets broken. Therefore, knowing how to properly pack, secure and seal items made of glass is crucial. We can’t control what happens when a package gets taken over by a logistics company, but we can make sure they are packed in such a way it makes the risk of shipping glass without it breaking much lower. Not all logistics companies in Middle East will pack your items for you, so it’s best to know how to do that on your own.

Required Materials

Glass requires more packing supplies than your average household item. Here’s a list of materials you need to wrap them safely and avoid a chance of breaking:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Old newspapers
  • One larger and one smaller box
  • Packing tape
Box with items wrapped in paper
Wrapping paper or even old newspaper can ensure you can ship glass without it breaking

It’s important to remember not all cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia offer these materials to their customers.

How to pack glass items without them breaking

Wrap the glass

If you are wrapping glasses and cups, wrap their exposed areas (like handles) first with bubble wrap. After that, fill their insides with paper and proceed to wrap it as a whole. When done, use the wrapping tape to anchor it in place. If any of your glass containers have liquids inside, make sure to seal those first in a plastic bag before the wrapping part. That way, you are protected in the case of glass breaking and the liquid spills out. If you are packing plates and bowls, first sort them into sets, wrap them individually in packing paper and then wrap the sets together. This is a practical way of packing these specific items as they fit inside each other and provide additional security during transport by shipping and logistics companies.

Pack the boxes

Once you are done packing your glass items, it’s time to put them inside the two boxes. First, put a layer of packing peanuts at the bottom of the outside box. After that, put the smaller box inside and add a layer of packing peanuts there as well. When done, add your wrapped glass items inside the smaller box, carefully placing them to optimize the use of space. In the end, fill the rest of the smaller box with packing peanuts or paper so there is no space left for the items to move and potentially break. Finally, add a layer of packing paper, peanuts, or newspaper between the larger and smaller box. Thankfully, there are packaging companies in Saudi Arabia that can do all of this for you in a professional and caring way.

A man putting glass item in bubble wrap to ship it without it breaking
Bubble wrap is one of the most effective ways you can protect your glassware

Seal the boxes to keep glass from breaking

Before you seal the boxes, first label the inner box just in case, and then proceed to seal it. After that, seal the outer box too with packing tape and label it too. Labeling your box that it contains glass items is an important step. It makes sure the carrier knows that inside there is glass that can easily break if not handled properly.

Shipping glassware

Most carriers don’t have a special service fee for shipping glass, but it’s better to check just in case. Much more so if you are using services of air cargo Bahrain has to offer, as some of them may offer a special handling service. What it means is that the carrier will make sure the handlers are much more careful when dealing with your cargo, to further make sure you can safely ship your glass items without breaking.

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