How to trim shipping and delivery costs

It is no secret that shipping costs can be high. Depending on the size of your shipment, you, as a business owner or an individual, could be faced with various shipping expenses. And, it seems like shipping costs are getting higher as the years go by. But, don’t start to despair just yet! You can trim shipping and delivery costs with the help of some simple tips that we will present right in this guide. So, if you want to learn more about this topic make sure to keep reading!

Negotiate with your carrier to help you trim shipping and delivery costs

All shipping companies determine shipping costs based on the volume – the more you ship, the lower will be your shipping costs. However, this doesn’t mean that you, as a small business owner, can’t try to negotiate with your carrier. There is no harm in doing this! So, after informing yourself about prices for sea cargo Jeddah and compare different companies, you will have the necessary knowledge for negotiating. Keep in mind that being a loyal client to some shipping company could also lead to getting some discounts.

Person calculating how to trim shipping and delivery costs
Carefully calculate shipping costs to avoid paying more than you have planned

Be aware of potential additional fees

Different shipping companies have different fees. Your job will be to get informed about them. By doing this you will know whether there are additional fees for shipping and delivering on Saturday, fuel surcharges, and so on. Also, consider using regional carriers because their rates are, in most cases, more affordable. In addition to this, regional carriers could provide you with some additional services and inform you about Saudi customs clearance. To find a company that suits you the most, find several reliable shipping companies and compare their services and prices. Choosing the one that is both affordable and quality will help you trim shipping and delivery costs.

Eliminate shipping to higher and more expensive zones

It is no secret that shipping to countries that are far away will lead to higher shipping costs. This is why it would be best to avoid transporting your goods there in order to trim shipping and delivery costs. And trust us, avoiding shipping to faraway countries (aka higher zones) will save you so much money! If any part of your business includes Saudi Arabia export, plan carefully the distance of your shipments.

Picture of financial papers
Pick the best time to book a move according to your budget.

Avoid shipping more air by reducing dimensions of boxes

Packing is one of the most parts of the shipment process. Most companies advise their clients to use packaging provided by their carrier. Doing this will help you avoid additional “dimensional” fees. With the help of the carrier’s packaging, you won’t have to face these fees. And, even if you get this packaging, you will still have to pack your goods carefully. Avoid using boxes that are way bigger from the goods you need to ship. They will also be heavier! And, the heavier the weight – the higher the shipping costs.

There you have it, these were some of the best ways you can trim shipping and delivery costs. In case you want to learn more about the shipping process, feel free to contact us! We will gladly answer all of your questions and inform you about the services we offer!

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