Moving instruments overseas; where do people make mistakes?

Music is a passion for those who devote their time to it. To be able to pursue your passion for music, you will require instruments. However, these instruments are very expensive and quite fragile. For that reason, moving instruments overseas will need to be done in the best manner possible. If you are short of experience you can contact the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia to aid you with everything regarding the relocation process. However, if you still decide you want to pack your instruments yourself, we are here to help you. In addition, we will talk about some mistakes most people make when doing this. By knowing these mistakes, you will be able to avoid them and prepare with more caution.

Moving instruments overseas – most common mistakes people make

One of the most stressful situations one can be in is moving without proper preparation. The lack of preparation might leave some of your items broken or damaged during the moving process. Especially when moving overseas. The longer your relocation distance is, the bigger protection your items will require. So, whether you opt for ocean freight to Saudi Arabia, or to travel by plane, you will require the same protection for your items.

a dusty violin that will require packing when moving instruments overseas
Your musical instruments will usually be quite expensive and thus require adequate protection when moving or handling

Many people make the mistake of underpacking their musical instruments when moving, thinking they will be safe. Additionally, here are some more mistakes people make:

  • Not hiring professional movers and packers
  • Not devoting enough time to pack their instruments
  • Thinking there is enough time
  • Forgetting to disassemble the instrument

Not hiring professional movers and packers

The first mistake is not hiring movers and packers for your instruments. For instance, hiring logistics Saudi Arabia services to move your items is a much safer way to move them instead of doing it yourself. Especially when moving fragile and complex items like pianos. Professionals who do this have a lot of experience and it will always be useful to you when moving. Especially when you hire movers that have expertise in items you need to move. Even if you think you can safely pack or transport your belongings, your best choice is to hire someone with a plethora of experience. The same goes for packing your items. These moving companies will always know the right amount of protection your items need.

Not devoting enough time to pack their instruments

People who are moving instruments overseas without proper protection often end up under high levels of stress. Their items either get damaged or broken during transit. However, the most common issue in these scenarios is that people often forget how fragile their instruments are. More importantly, they think that their instruments will be fine even without protection.

a black piano in front of a drum kit and a cello
Regardless of what type of instrument you are using – it will surely require time for protection when in transit

If playing music is what you do for a living – you need to devote time to protect them when moving. The sooner you start packing your items, the better protection you will provide to them. So, instead of waiting one week before the move to pack, start as soon as possible. If you require some instruments in the meantime – leave them for later. The ones you will not use can be packed immediately.

Mistakes when moving instruments overseas: Thinking there is enough time

Your moving day will come sooner than you expect it. Especially when you have a ton of obligations to do and things to pack and prepare. So, avoid postponing the process of packing your instruments. Similar to the paragraph above, you should always devote enough time to your instruments. Many people assume that they will easily pack their instruments. However, in most cases, these instruments require attention and focus when packed. Especially when you are flying with instruments. As these items are quite delicate and their pristine condition plays a big part in how they sound, your items need proper protection for the road. This means setting aside enough time to carefully pack everything and fill in the spaces in between the items.

Forgetting to disassemble the instrument

If you plan on moving with your instruments, you will need to make sure they do not suffer damage while in transit. To do so, you will need to disassemble most of them. Instead of choosing to pack them as a whole, set all of the pieces apart first. This will ensure the safety of the instruments you move. More importantly, this will allow you to use more environmental-friendly packaging as you will pack lesser parts of the instrument instead of one whole instrument.

a picture of a black piano
Your guitar might fit in its case but a piano will require disassembling beforehand

Make sure you let loose the strings to avoid them snapping when traveling. If you are moving a piano, disassemble everything you can to ensure it arrives safely at your new location. If you decide to move overseas, always strive to ensure your items are as safe as possible.

Take the relocation process seriously as the moving day can quickly arrive

Finally, avoid postponing the preparation for the relocation process. Especially when you are moving instruments overseas in a shorter period of time. From the moment you find out about the relocation, start planning. Moving your instruments is not the only thing you will have to do. There are a lot of obligations during this period and each of them will require time. So, to ensure your items, as well as your instruments, arrive safely, think ahead and plan everything out. Simply thinking your instruments will be safe is not going to be enough. Especially when you are moving fragile, complex, and expensive instruments that are of utmost importance to you. Proper preparation will not only help you avoid financial tolls, but it will also help you avoid stress.


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