International residential relocation checklist

The international residential relocation checklist is vital for moving on long distances. Although air cargo to Saudi Arabia has forms and documentation, you should have your paper to help you in moving. It is crucial for several reasons.

  • Making an international residential relocation checklist is hard, but it precisely defines steps you need to make when moving;
  • This list includes a plan of moving, which you surely should have in this case;
  • Checking items on the list calms down, so it will make the whole process easier.

There are situations when having a checklist could make the moving much shorter. When travel on long-distance is about, like sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia, you can forget about important things. Thanks to the list, you will easily remember all parts of your moving. Also, you should make it for months and weeks. The best is to start with it for two months from moving.

A sample of international residential relocation checklist
A checklist is the easiest way to make a precise plan of moving

International residential relocation checklist for two months before moving

You should start with the making of this list as soon as possible. The last deadline is two months before moving. It is the last moment to include all parts of the list. Also, you will be able to change something on time.

Resolve papers and documentation

It is a period when you should inform about documentation. You should find a new job and rent a house. Also, hire one of the international movers Jeddah. You will not be able to perform this massive change in your life alone.

Make an inventory list

You should not hurry in this period. However, you should organize a few things upfront. Make an inventory list, hire one of the packaging companies in Saudi Arabia. You will have time to change and correct mistakes on time.

It is hard to predict and remember all important facts when moving

International residential relocation checklist for one month before moving

Now things become serious. You cannot afford a luxury to forget something or make mistakes. It is the time when packing starts. On the other hand, you should prepare a new home to move in.

Organize garage sale

After you have decided what to keep, you should organize a garage sale to sell spare things. It is not hard when you have time for it. However, you can also donate a wardrobe or a piece of furniture.


The hardest job starts right now. It is essential to do it as fast as possible. Do not worry; you will not make mistakes now. You have an inventory list and a plan on the paper on how to do it properly.

International residential relocation checklist for moving day

Even though you have prepared everything, you have not finished all. You still have a moving day to organize. It is imperative to have all the steps on the paper. Thanks to that, you will be able to control every part of moving.

Checking on the list calms down from moving stress

Pack emergency bag

The final day is here. You should have an emergency bag and a first-night bag. However, you have put that item on the checklist. As psychologists say, the making of this list is vital to relief when moving. The international residential relocation checklist is an excellent way to liming your moving stress.

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