Is it possible to avoid extra costs when relocating overseas?

Are you planning an overseas move? Keep in mind that moving is not only stressful and tiring but can also be quite costly. The majority of people try to avoid extra costs when relocating overseas. Even though many expenses are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down. Research shipping and logistics companies and compare the prices, plan your relocation ahead, and use every opportunity to reduce moving costs.

Calculate moving expenses and set your budget.
Make a list of all your moving activities in order to calculate your expenses and determine the moving budget

Sea freight is cheaper than air freight

There are many factors that affect the cost of your move. If you are organizing a long-distance or international move in Saudi Arabia, it would be much cheaper to opt for sea freight. Ocean freight is usually 12-16 times cheaper than air freight.

Declutter your home in order to avoid extra costs when relocating overseas

Before you start packing make sure to go through all your belongings and declutter your home. Many of us hoard stuff that we no longer use because of their sentimental value. Think carefully about what you want to move into your new home. Bear in mind that the cost of your relocation depends on the size of your move. That means the more stuff you move the more you have to pay.

Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear, furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new home, kids’ toys, old magazines. If you are moving overseas from Bahrain, bear in mind that the transportation costs of moving companies in Bahrain might be higher than buying new items after the relocation. If you have some lightly used books, school supplies, clothes and shoes you didn’t sell, donate them to charity. There are many people who would appreciate the gesture.

Pack your possessions in sturdy moving boxes.
Get rid of the things you no longer use or need before you start packing

Pack yourself and cut moving expenses

After you get rid of the unnecessary items, it’s time to pack possessions that you want to move to your new home. The majority of moving companies in KSA offer packing services but if you want to avoid extra costs when relocating overseas you can do it yourself. First, you should gather moving supplies. Don’t waste money on brand new packing materials – use the stuff you already have. For example, instead of buying bubble wrap and packing paper, use blankets and towels to protect your possessions. Used moving boxes can be found in local supermarkets and bookstores. Once you pack all your possessions label the boxes properly. Write crucial information such as content, handling instructions, and destination room on each box. This will facilitate and accelerate the unpacking process.

Person packing by themselves to avoid extra costs when relocating overseas
Your moving boxes do not have to be new but make sure they are sturdy and durable

Moving overseas includes many tasks and activities that can cause a lot of stress and be quite expensive. The cost of relocation depends on the size of your move, moving company, moving distance, special requests, etc. Try to avoid extra additional moving expenses by following the above tips. Get quotes from multiple movers and compare the prices. Do everything you can yourself, such as packing your belongings and labeling moving boxes. Finally, get rid of things you no longer use before the moving day. This will save you a lot of time and money during the relocation.

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