Items you can not ship by air

People who plan a long-distance move have several shipping options to choose from: by land, sea, and air. In relation to other choices, air freight services have certain benefits. Some of these include fast shipment of goods, high security, i.e. a small chance of damage or theft, and cost-effectiveness. Upon opting for this shipping method, it’s important to educate yourself on what items you can not ship by air, as opposed to what you can.

We at Four Winds Saudi Arabia assure you that there is a substantial amount of goods you can safely transport by air. However, you may have to select more than one shipping option, depending on the policies that regulate the shipment of certain possessions. Moreover, some items are prohibited from being shipped, no matter the means of transport. Thus, we have prepared a guide to assist you in learning about which items you cannot ship by air.

Man looking at a flying airplane while sitting inside an airport with his legs on his suitcase
Due to national shipping policies, there is an extensive list of items you cannot ship by air.

Before embarking on an international move, take a minute to note what items you can not ship by air

Instead of hurriedly writing inventory lists of things you wish to transport, learn what items you can’t bring on planes. Every shipping company abides by the shipping policies of its home country. Don’t set yourself up for failure by avoiding doing some research on the matter. Check out our guidelines on what you can’t transport and how to avoid such inconveniences.

Items you cannot ship by plane to Saudi Arabia

Similar to other countries, Saudi Arabia regulates the air import of goods and states clear rules on what things you can’t transport by plane. Consequently, there is a list of closely defined types of goods you can not air freight to Saudi Arabia. These are as follows:

  • Weapons – These include firearms, ammunition, or explosives.
  • Flammable items – You cannot store any flammable materials on a plane, such as gasoline or oil. Batteries belong in this category since they contain acid.
  • Liquids – This category involves various pesticides, aerosols, ethanol, etc. On one hand, the potential leakage of these items could seriously damage the storage space. On the other, the release of different hazardous gasses may endanger the health of the passengers.
  • Other items that you cannot ship by air due to shipping company policies

Please take into account that restrictions constantly change. This is an educated guess on items that you can’t transport by air to Saudi Arabia. It is based on the previously effective rules, so you should check the current regulations with a reputable freight forwarding company.

Red and black suitcase on the pavement
Many of the things included in the list of restricted and prohibited goods represent items generally considered hazardous and dangerous.

Bring proof of ownership for certain possessions

Unfortunately, you can’t ship some belongings by air if proof of ownership is not submitted beforehand. You can contact your chosen shipping company and find out whether you need to hand in certain legal documentation in order to transport particular possessions. Belongings that you usually need to prove are your personal items include more expensive and bulky items, such as a flat-screen TV. Especially those possessions that are stored in their original packaging can prompt the authorities to ask questions. Shipping laws and regulations differ from country to country. So, try to learn whether there are any items your destination country would not accept upon arrival.

Be careful with quantities

Not only are certain items prohibited for air freight, but the quantity of certain goods is also controlled and limited. Packing a suitcase with clothes isn’t a problem. Neither is bringing some cleaning supplies or unperishable food along with you. But if you decide to pack a considerable amount that looks as though it may last you a whole year, you risk looking suspicious to the authorities. They may suspect you of transporting these items for financial gain. As a result, they may return your things or ask you to pay an additional fee for the extra load. Nevertheless, getting information from cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia about the most recent rules is the safest choice.

Many storage containers stacked on a port
To avoid any kind of inspection that might take up valuable time and cause trouble, consider transporting smaller quantities of items.

So, should you opt for air freight or sea freight?

Let’s compare and contrast. There are many similarities and differences between shipping by air and sea. While choosing air freight means paying more for faster delivery, the amount of items you can ship is quite limited. In contrast, by choosing the sea freight option you get more storage space to fill, much lower prices, but slower or delayed delivery.¬†We can consider cold chain services as an additional advantage to both shipping methods. If some of your items need to travel in a low-temperature storage container, then ask for this service. No matter the weight or size of your possessions, shipping companies always customize their services to meet your conditions.

Your overall choice depends on your personal needs and requirements. The type of belongings you’re looking to transport can also help you make the ultimate decision. If you still can’t decide between shipping by air or sea, go ahead and ask your local shipping company for some expert advice.

Let’s revise and recall

You’ve seen that there is a lot to learn about items you can not ship by air. It’s difficult to draw a definite conclusion when countries keep supplementing and adjusting their policies. In return, this affects your decision on which shipping method is most appropriate for your needs and wants. There are, indeed, universally restricted and prohibited items that you cannot store on a plane. Some of them you may have guessed on your own. To avoid any worries or taking risks, you should contact a reliable moving company that offers professional shipping services. You can expect that their employees have extensive experience and knowledge on the matter. They will surely clear up any questions or concerns.

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