Items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship

Whether you have to move your house or office, you cannot run from the packing process. Although packing could be overwhelming sometimes, there are so many interesting ways to turn it into fun. Nonetheless, there are certain items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship, so you need to know what those items are. Will you risk and still decide to pack those forbidden items by yourself? Well, this is up to you and only you. But if you ask our moving experts from the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, you should completely skip packing, shipping, and relocating forbidden items. To help you avoid any trouble, we decided to remind you of items that you should not pack and ship. So, stay tuned and let us help you figure out what those items are and what to do with them before you movers come.

Prepare for packing and shipping in the right way

Believe it or not, sometimes it is best for us to know first what things we cannot do. When we plan certain actions for the first time, we must meet the main rules and boundaries. So, if you want to pack belongings or goods for shipping to Saudi Arabia, make sure to know the list of forbidden items. Maybe you did not know, but potentially dangerous items could cause serious troubles while transportation. Exactly those items will be what you movers will refuse to pack once they arrive at your home or company.

Multiple color paints
Paints are items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship.

Thus, follow this simple list and stay away from any kind of troubles:

  • Hazardous items
  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Fireworks
  • Lighter fluid
  • Propane cylinders
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paints and paint thinners.

It can be extremely dangerous both for the moving company and you to pack and ship these items. Luckily, most of these items are easy to replace and repurchase upon arrival at your new home. This is one more reason why you should give up on packing these items. Remember, it is not worth it for you to risk with these items.

Take responsibility for the most valuable items

There are certain items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship, like your important documents, cash, jewelry, heirlooms, etc. Make sure to take care to pack them by yourself. Also, it will be good to keep them with you at all times during the move.

Items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship are your valuables.
Keep valuables with you all the time.

Items you cannot trust anyone to pack and ship

When it comes to packing food, we cannot deny the fact that your movers will do it if you want to. Nevertheless, packing food for transportation could be tricky. Although there are proper ways to pack and ship food, this applies to trading companies that transport large amounts of food. Apart from this, our Four Winds experts advise you to throw away any perishables food but also food in glass jars. When you are in a hurry with packing the rest of your household, you could easily forget how much damage can cause your packed food. Unluckily, jars or food packages could crack, leak or mold before you arrive.

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