The proper way to pack and ship food

In most cases, you will pack and ship food to consume during the flight to your new destination. In those cases, you should consult professionals logistics companies in Dammam for advice. We are sure that you can make a sandwich or a bag of chips with you safely. However, in cases where you need to take a lot of perishable foods with you, you will need to prepare them seriously. Most of the people think that it is impossible to pack and ship food for long journeys. In many cases, it is not that hard, but there is a simple guide that you can follow.

  • There are many things that you cannot take with you under any circumstances. That is mostly because of Saudi Arabia restrictions – so make sure that you know the legislation;
  • In many cases, mostly for perishable food, you should protect your cargo with cold chain shipping – it is possible only with special equipment;
  • You can spill most of the food during traveling, so you should protect it carefully;
  • Legislation and law demand proper labeling and having documentation that follows those labels;
  • Do not forget that you must pack and ship food in special containers for that.

If you fulfill all the above, you should be able to pack and ship food. However, you should still prepare food for shipping by the speed that food spoils. In some cases, you will have only a day or two to ship food. Luckily, thanks to the special equipment you will be able to extend that time for a bit.

There are things that you can pack in a box and take with you on a plane.

Pack and ship food that is perishable

This is, actually, the hardest when shipping the food is. In many cases, it will be hard to organize it without professional help. Although most of the ingredients that this food contains will spoil under three days, there is a chance to transport it properly. Thankfully, there is equipment that could help you in these situations. Travel companies and custom clearance insist on it.

Insulated food shippers

This is the first thing that you should prepare if you want to pack and ship food properly. They are made of the hard card box, with foam on the walls and could keep the food fresh from 1-5 days. Many of packing and moving companies in Riyadh will help you with this.

Cold packs

When your food is in the box, you should protect them with cold packages from spoiling. The manufacturer makes it in different sizes, so you should choose the best fit for you. Usually, smaller is better, but depending on the size the durability changes. With professionals in cargo transportation Saudi Arabia you can bring this package whenever you like.

Bags with gel

In many cases, it will not be easy to put bags in the box full of food. That is why the manufacturer has made gel bags that are good for fitting everywhere. You can put them around the food and perishable items. It will protect the food for a long time. In many cases, even local movers in Jeddah use this package when moving food from the refrigerator.

Perishable things you can put only in refrigerator or special containers

Solid plastic

Many people choose to use solid plastic to pack and ship food. Not only that they are cold, but they are also hard and firm. You can protect the sides of the box with them, and keep the food cool. Thanks to them, you can pack some types of food in the mail and send. In case that you consider of this, find proper information about the sending of them.

Dry ice

This is must serious equipment for packing and shipping the food. It is a special material, on the constant temperature of 109,3 F, that you can use to protect the food for 3 days longer. However, you will need special permission for that and at least $2 per pound. If you have decided to use it, make sure that you have protected the food and your hands.

How to pack and ship non-perishable food

This should be easy. Do not forget that non-perishable food mostly has a long durability, so you do not need to care about the time. However, you should pack it properly, and protect from damage. In many cases this food crumbles or spill. Thanks to the professionals, you should be able to pack and carry it properly.

Pack properly and safe

For most types of food, you should protect the package and food itself. The easiest way is to use a card box or plastic boxes and label them. It is very important to pack it safe, so nothing ends out of the box. It is especially worth for crumbling things, like cookies or bread. Do not forget that if you find out that the box is opened after moving, you should throw things away.

Liquid in bottles
You should pack liquid in bottles and protected boxes

It is not hard to pack and ship liquid

The liquid is maybe the hardest for shipping. In many cases, you will not be able to ship it without proper equipment. Since they can easily spill, you should protect the rest of the package properly. Furthermore, some liquids are perishable, too. Taking all in mind, you should be aware of the preparation that you must follow to pack and ship food properly.

Be smart and creative when packing liquid

We know that for packing a liquid is most important to use plastic bottles with a good cap. The best is to use an original package, where you bought a liquid. In case that is not possible, you should use plastic bottles that you have from other similar liquids. Also, protect bottles with towels. It will protect them from damage. However, if something spill, the towel will absorb.

Seal the package carefully when you pack and ship food

Even though you have packed the liquid properly, the job is not finished yet. Make sure that bottles are protected, too. Most of them are made of plastic. So, as you will always pack and ship food in boxes, do the same this time. Seal the box with plastic and the tape.

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