Living in Saudi Arabia as an expat

Although challenging, living in Saudi Arabia as an expat presents a great life opportunity. Thanks to significant changes in its political and financial status, this is a country with great business opportunities. More and more companies are choosing to open branch offices here, while the country is changing its policies towards expats. Thanks to that, you can see much more expats relocating to Saudi Arabia in the last decade. However, do not forget that living in Saudi Arabia as an expat brings a lot of possible problems.

  • Saudi Arabia represents an entirely different culture than we are used to seeing in other parts of the world;
  • Prepare yourself for a religion that is not very welcoming to strangers;
  • This is a costly country that has a social gap between poor and rich population – it affects housing costs;
  • Tradition in this country affects behavior, everyday habits, and even laws and regulations;
  • Living in Saudi Arabia as an expat presumes to accept their worldview, majority, and daily family life.

If you are planning to move to Saudi Arabia, it would be best to learn everything you can about their culture and tradition. The most important thing is to get acquainted with religion and tradition. Not to mention that denying those rules can lead to severe punishment or even jail.

Large glass business building that shows how living in Saudi Arabia as an expat could be great
Saudi Arabia has become a prosperous and economically stable country

General rules and obligations in everyday behavior

Saudi Arabia has special legislation that relies on religion. Every stranger has to understand general rules and requirements when it comes to Saudi Arabia to live. It is especially crucial for people who come from the western world. Sometimes that is normal for us could be seriously dangerous in Saudi Arabia. Most of those rules make a living in Saudi Arabia as an expat tougher.

Islamic culture

People who are born in Saudi Arabia live under the rules of Islamic culture. Partly they have accepted Bedouin culture, and most of them live under the rules of the Quran. Understanding of these will make a living in Saudi Arabia as an expat is easier. Finally, you should know that Islamic culture brought great artwork even to the western world. International movers Jeddah will introduce important facts even before moving starts.

Forget about western culture and behavior

One of the most important things that you should know before moving to Saudi Arabia is that you should forget about everything you know about the world you came from. Things that we take for a grant there could be seriously dangerous. Even the freight forwarders in Dammam Saudi Arabia could not help you to bring alcohol with you. It is strongly forbidden. Also, you will never see the naked human body, dancing or kissing on the streets.

Conservative dress code

Speaking about the human body, they strongly forbade naked parts of the body. Women and men must wear dresses that cover the whole body, leaving only hands and feet opened. They used to wear distinctive dresses in public that makes days at high temperatures easier.

Islamic culture has given great pieces of art

Strangers will never rent houses in Saudi Arabia

They have strict rules about the expats. So, living in Saudi Arabia as an expat depends on the company that rent homes. As a matter of fact, as a stranger, you will not be able to rent a house alone. Most of the time, companies rent apartments for their workers. Numerous relocation services Saudi Arabia could help you in finding the best home for you.

Traditional rules and obligations that affect living in Saudi Arabia as an expat

There are obligations that every person who comes to live in Saudi Arabia has to know. Even they do not plan to married there. Since the people still live under the religion rules, it is widely accepted outside the borders of the family and private home. In case you are planning to live in Saudi Arabia as an expat, you should know them better.

Traditional family in Saudi Arabia

People in Saudi Arabia believe in the family the most. It is vital how they will organize their homes and family. Wives and children know how they can behave, and they strictly follow that rule. You cannot change it or expect that they will change it for you. It also means that they are seriously traditionally raised.

Fewer woman rights

You surely know that women almost do not have rights or they are much rarer than in the western world. That rule worth for expats, too. Women cannot drive a car or walk on the street uncovered. Even though you are on a visit to this country, you should accept those rules. However, in the past few years, their rights are in growth, but still, have limitations.

Your children will go to private school

It is good to know that living in Saudi Arabia as an expat presumes that your children should accept their rules. Your children will go to private schools since they have strongly organized traditional schools. However, it affects the price of schooling.

Food and daily situations that expats should pay attention

Although you have unquestionably come to Saudi Arabia to work, you will spend some free time on the street or in public. It is highly essential to understand that even the expats must accept the obligations of tradition and religion. In some cases, people who live there could face stiff punishments and judgments.

Food in Saudi Arabia is exciting and unique

Be careful with prescribed medications

Medications that we can buy freely in our country could be forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Also, if you have the chronical disease, you should take prescriptions with you. Saudi Arabia customs clearance has strong rules about medications, especially if you do not have proof that you need them.

They have strong limitations

Although in most of the time you will be free to do whatever you want, there are specified rules and constraints that you should be aware of. It is strongly forbidden in Saudi Arabia to use drug and alcohol. Be careful to not make your living in Saudi Arabia as an expat much tougher.

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