The right way to pack your child’s room

Moving is never easy. And yes, many moving tutorials and guides start with this statement, but here it resonates genuinely as you are surely moving with small children. And, while we love them, no one will dispute that anything of this magnitude is more complicated when kids are involved. Kids don’t understand much and need a lot, which means they are particularly hard to please during difficult times. That is why everything from how do you describe a place you are moving to, hours spent, their sleep, and finally, your ability to pack your child’s room will matter tremendously.

Before we move on to the packing of the room of your child, we should first, briefly, go over the basics of moving with children.

Moving with kids

You can pick the best relocation companies in Jeddah, but it will not help you much with a child that doesn’t understand why are you going anywhere in the first place! And this is to be expected. Children can hardly understand various reasons for which you have chosen to move. Is it work or private or family related – they are too young to comprehend it truly. However, you can do various other things to help them not be under stress or resisting to the move.

  • Get them to help – if they are involved, even superficially like “in charge of making boxes pretty,” they will feel more in charge of their destiny. Suddenly the whole moving project is a game-like challenge for them, and they will soon be seeing it as fun, rather than stressful.
  • Show confidence – you want to project confidence to your children, especially if they are of yet younger years. You will find that kids quickly pick on signs of certainty in your voice, posture, and deeds. If you genuinely believe that what you do is best for the family, they will be able to tell and feel more at ease.
  • Pack your child’s room – the very crux of this article. We will, however, still wait for a little until we go into details, as one big point applies to it as well, and that is:

Get them to help!

Yes, this is very much true in the case of their room as well. While your children might not possess much in the way of strategic, long-term, logical thinking needed for picking out what ought to be moved, they should still feel included. Giving them a task to be done is the same as giving them agency.

kids having fun
Make an adventure out of it!

It doesn’t matter if their contribution is minimal because it is not in the help that the value of them being there is. That is worth it because it brings your kids into this game, an adventure. They are now your co-player, not just another thing you have to solve to move. So get them to help pick a warehouse for rent in Jeddah to store their favorite toys! Things like these are sure to help.

Good time to go through the content

If you are just now figuring out what to pack and what to leave behind in the capital after movers in Riyadh move you to your new home, your kid’s room is an excellent place to start as any.

Your first step should be going through all of the content of the children’s room. Toys, clothes, furniture – all of it. In this way, not only are you preparing for how you will later pack your child’s room, but you also do a vital thing. You keep up with the growth of your child!

That is a great chance to pick out what toys he or she will play with. What others are best gifted, sold, or donated. It will be an opportune moment to figure out how is your child changing. Is there anything new they require? All of these questions can be answered with a thorough inspection of the room.

Declutter and clean

Secondly, you should declutter and clean. Not only will it serve the purpose of making the going through of your kid’s stuff possible, but it will also bring much-needed order before chaos reigns supreme again with all the boxes that will need to be organized before moving companies in Bahrain move you on your international journey.


And as for the organization. Our recommendation is making a checklist on which you will note all items into three categories.

Checklists are everything!

Items should either be considered unnecessary and therefore better sold or gifted. That goes for toys that have fallen out of favor and clothes too small. The second category is things to pack – toys still in use and clothes that fit along with such furniture as cribs. The third one is a little different.

Special list

When you try to pack your child’s room, be as organized as possible. Labeling and checklists are excellent tools, and we already explained how you should organize your items. However, the third list is a special one. It goes for absolute necessities. Those toys or items your children will not be calm without. Trust us – you do not want to be in an airplane after packing your whole house when your kid won’t stop crying over that toy you left in the suitcase. Avoid such scenarios at all cost.

Pack your child’s room last

And finally (quite suitably), while you should not plan it out last, do pack it last. Childs room is a handy place in keeping the stress levels of your child low.

pack your child's room
Be prepared to pack a lot of boxes

You should utilize this as much as possible. To the last moment, this part of your home should be a haven from the reigning order/chaos of the move.

Be proactive

Finally – only you know your kids. Everyone is different, and every room is different, and you might end up going about the whole pack your child’s room guide a whole other way. We cannot predict that. However, we remind you that you should try at all cost stay proactive, reacting to chances while still being organized and trying to stick to the plan. Good luck!

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