Long term storage dos and don’ts

There are many reasons why would you rent a storage unit. You could be moving, renovating, trying to get some extra storage space for your excess stuff. Or you may be sending a shipping container from Canada to Saudi Arabia, and you need a place to store your stuff until you settle down. Whatever is your case you should be prepared that your items could be stored for a longer period. And keeping your items long term in a storage unit is something that requires a special approach. If you are interested to know how to properly store your items read this article and learn about long term storage dos and don’ts.

The most important point in the list of Long term storage dos and don’ts is to find appropriate storage

If you are planning to store your items for a longer period, one of the most important things is to find an appropriate warehouse. Our warehouse in Riyadh is offering perfect conditions and high security for your precious items. So, if you want to make it easy on yourself, visit their facility and check their prices. On the other hand, if you rent a storage space in an unreliable and badly maintained facility, you are taking a huge risk.

Empty storage
Avoid renting a storage unit with mold issues

Visit the facility before deciding to rent a unit

When you are choosing the right storage facility for your items, do not rely solely on the internet. That means that you should visit the place and check everything before deciding. Pay attention to mold as it can be a good indicator of moist. If the cleanliness is not high you will probably have to face rats, mice or different pests. Also, check their security and try to get an overall impression of their business. That is the best way to prevent problems with storing your items long term.

Packing your items properly

One of the most important rules when it comes to long term storage dos and don’ts is to use quality packaging. Things can seriously deteriorate over time if you do not pack them properly. Especially if you rent a unit with humidity, dust, or pests issues. As you already know, humidity and dust are the worst enemies of electronic equipment.

Illustration of cardboard boxes
One of the long term storage dos and don’ts is to use quality packing materials

List of long term storage dos and don’ts

  • Find a good and reliable warehouse in Saudi Arabia to store your items.
  • To keep your electronics safe, try to keep it in their original packaging if you still have it. And wrap it with plastic sheeting or stretch wrap to keep the cardboard from moist. And to prevent the dust from penetrating in the box.
  • Plastic containers with lids are one of the best solutions for storing your items long term in any condition. It will keep your items safe from moist dust and pests.
  • You cannot just leave them inside the unit unpacked. The humidity, dust or pets will get to your items in no time.
  • Don’t pack perishable items and hazardous items in a storage unit. If you leave them unattended for a longer period it will certainly lead to a disaster.

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