E-commerce packing tips

There is a certain rush people feel when they order something online and it finally arrives. Opening a box with that you know contains something you really want is exciting. However, sometimes what you ordered turns out to be a box of broken or damaged items. If you own an online store, this is a sure-fire way to lose a customer. The way you pack your product says a lot about your brand and the way your company runs. To make the best possible impression on your existing, as well as potential, customers you need to implement our e-commerce packing tips. It can also help you beat out the competition, so stick around to find out more.

Using the right boxes is one of the best e-commerce packing tips

When it comes to packing your products for shipping, it’s best to invest in quality boxes. The most common way of packing, that most e-commerce sellers use, is single-box packing. It involves placing your item in a double-corrugated cardboard box. You can either wrap the item in a protective layer or fill the box itself with loose fill. This will depend on the type of your product, so consider what suits you best.

A bear in a cardboard box.
For larger products, you may need to obtain custom made boxes.

Before you can pack your e-commerce product, you need to choose the right size boxes. If you have products of many different shapes and sizes, it is a good idea to invest in some custom packing boxes. On the other hand, you can leave this part of your shipment to one of the professional packaging companies in Saudi Arabia. They will also have the best materials, so you don’t have to look for them very far.

Protective materials are a must

As when choosing the right box, you have to think about your product when you decide on how to protect it. Different products might require different methods of protection. For example, if you are selling clothes, paper products, or other soft items, you can use paper to fill the box and keep the item in place. These types of products can withstand heavy weight without damaging. For smaller electronics or appliances, plastic bubbles should suffice. Finally, one of the best e-commerce packing tips out there is that you should protect fragile items as best as you can. Use styrofoam to cover all sides of your item and place it in the box. Before closing it, add some extra plastic bubbles if there are any empty spaces.

While these packing tips will certainly improve your methods, there is no better solution than to hire a professional logistics company. If you have heavy or valuable cargo, there are cargo companies in Dammam that can handle everything for you. And it’s all just a phone call away!

E-commerce packing tips – seal the boxes properly

When they receive their order, many people will notice that it was not sealed properly. In some cases, this can lead to the product being damaged. Some companies will use low-quality tape that doesn’t keep the box closed during transport. One of the most common misconceptions about shipping is that using cheaper packing materials will save you money. Ironically, it will actually cost you more to replace an order that has been damaged than to use the right packing materials in the first place.

Using the right tape is one of the best e-commerce packing tips.
Don’t spare the tape – make sure that there isn’t any room for tears on the box.

The best choice and one of the best tips for packing e-commerce shipments is to not cut corners when it comes to quality tape. For starters, the width of the tape should not be under two inches. Otherwise, the tape won’t be able to hold the box together for long. Moreover, brown packing tape is a much better solution than regular duct tape. Finally, when taping the box shut, make sure to cover all holes and corners.

Don’t forget about marketing

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful online business. In order to make your brand more visible, make sure that the box you use to pack your product has the name of the company on it. On the other hand, there are many marketing tools that you can use to accompany your product. For example, some companies send out gifts with their orders. It doesn’t have to be anything too big or expensive. Some coupons or brochures will do the trick. Also, a thank you note with your shipment will go a long way in retaining your loyal customers. They will appreciate the personal touch and will be more likely to use your services again.

E-commerce packing tips – take notes from the competition

Don’t underestimate the power of knowing your competitors and learning from them. Try to see how they pack their shipments, as well as their designs and marketing strategies. You can also read online reviews from their customers to see what they like and don’t like. While you can learn from those who are more successful than you, there is a lot to learn from those that have fewer prospects. Instead of making your own mistakes and learning from them, you can take their examples as cautionary tales and try to avoid the tactics they use.

A woman writing on a pad and looking at a phone.
Study your competition – you never know what you might learn from them.

Try to get feedback from your customers

Finally, among the best e-commerce packing tips, we can give you is to listen to your customers. They can tell you first-hand about the experience they had using your services and what they would like to improve. At least once every three months, send out feedback forms to your customers. Ask them to mention any aspects of your shipment that could be improved. This will give you a good picture of how to improve your packing methods and/or materials.

Alternatively, your employees probably have some good ideas as well. Try to have regular meetings with your team, where they can share their opinions. Not only are you likely to end up with some excellent solutions, but you will also create a more open environment within your company.

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