Moving from Jubail to Riyadh – the ultimate guide

Moving from Jubail to Riyadh is challenging, especially if you are an expat. However, if you have lived in Jubail before, you have learned to live in Saudi Arabia. It means that you know many details about living in this part of the world. On the other hand, changing the city in Saudi Arabia could be challenging since they have some differences. Along with culture, climate, and strict religious rules, Riyadh could be more stressful as a crowded city. When moving, choose one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia, and you will go through this process quickly.

Moving from Jubail to Riyadh is challenging

You may feel more confident when moving from Jubail to Riyadh, expecting a lot of similarities between those two cities. Therefore, there are differences that you should be prepared for, so expect some surprises.

Moving from Jubail to Riyadh is challenging

Riyadh is crowded

One of the first differences that could be significantly stressful is that more people live in Riyadh. It has 7.761 people, which is enormous compared to the 600,000 that Jubail has in the center area. Their streets are more crowded, and you will face long rush hours there. Although they have planned to make the metro, it has yet to end, so you must travel by car. It could be a problem when organizing relocation, too. Moving companies in Jubail resolve the issue quickly, so rely on them for moving.

Prepare for a more conservative city

Although Saudi Arabia is known for strict religious rules, there are differences between those two when it comes to it. Jubail is more minor and open to tourists, primarily because of its incredible nature and historical offer. For that reason, you can expect more strict rules when moving to Riyadh. On the other hand, learning the rules could significantly help adjust their habits and daily life. If you choose good relocation services in Saudi Arabia, you will be fine with fast relocation and adapting.

Make sure that you have informed well

Every relocation is difficult, but it could be more difficult if you have yet to prepare. Experts recommend preparing for moving and learning about the new place. Use the advice from the people that have lived there already.

Riyadh is more industrial

Riyadh has modernized industry as one of the biggest and most modernized cities in this part of the world. It presumes more job opportunities but more expats and higher prices. The key is to adapt to it and learn to live in a bigger city, so use the service of logistic companies in Riyadh when moving.

  • Jubail has Jubail Industry as a separated or twin-city of Jubail, so you have not mixed with other parts;
  • Riyadh consequently has more citizens and expats but better business opportunities;
  • One of the reasons moving from Jubail to Riyadh is brilliant is because of their citizens’ wide range of cultures and religions.
Prepare for the change in the size and culture when moving

The climate could be slightly different

Although both Jubail and Riyadh have the same hot and humid climate, Riyadh is slightly uncomfortable. Jubail hasĀ excellent beaches, and many enjoy spending days with families there. On the other hand, Riyadh has fantastic parks and nature so you will feel comfortable there, too. So moving from Jubail to Riyadh should be easy, as you may feel.

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