Best places in KSA for nature lovers

When thinking of Saudi Arabia, one may think of it as endless dunes stretching as long as an eye can see. In reality, there is much more to see and experience except for miles of sand. Those who visited and knew Saudi Arabia can tell you how diverse and exciting this country and its natural beauties actually are. Some of the best places in KSA for nature lovers offer a wide range of outdoor activities. The reasons vary, but tourism is one of the reasons that attract foreigners to this oil kingdom. According to some statistics, 237 people move to Saudi Arabia daily. Many of them came with the help of moving companies in Saudi Arabia. Our moving services can satisfy even the most demanding customers and provide them with the best moving experience. Once they get to know the natural beauty of this country, many decide to move permanently.

Mountains of the KSA

The mountains of Saudi Arabia represent true oases of greenery in this country with a primarily desert climate. In an area of 830,000 square miles of Saudi territory, there are 7,790 named mountains. They are particularly interesting to visitors because of the multitude of activities they offer, hiking, camping, etc.  So, they are an ideal refuge for working people who seek fun and recreation away from hot and busy cities. Some of them have both historical and religious significance as well. And regardless of affinities and interests, everyone will find a way to enjoy one of these mountains. There’s really nothing more relaxing than a day spent in beautiful nature on one of the mountains of Saudi Arabia.

scenery from the Tabuk region representing one of the best places in KSA  for nature lovers
Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty is diverse, although it may not seem so at first glance.

When you decide to visit some of those gorgeous heights, have in mind our relocation services Saudi Arabia for all your gear. We will mention only some of the best places in KSA for nature lovers and more prominent ones with the most content and attractions for visitors. 

Al Souda, Asir Mountains

Al Souda is the highest mountain which belongs to the Asir mountain range. It rises above 3000 meters above sea level, and as such is the informal prime hub for outdoor enthusiasts. Al Souda is one of the attractions of the Asir National Park, the first of its kind opened in 1980. In addition to the usual outdoor activities such as hiking, guided camping trips, and rock climbing, a special delight is a cable car. A special pleasure is the view of the mountain and the valley from that height. There is a network of paths and trails where you can hike, or go on biking or horse-riding tours. It’s a popular spot for paragliding lovers, too.

These mountains also hide the village of Riyal Alma, which is under UNESCO protection as a World Heritage Site. It’s one of the oldest and most important historical spots in the Middle East. Once it was a major stop for traders and pilgrims on their way to Mekkah and Medina. Today is an architectural and historical testimony of the life of the Aseri Tribe. It is also where the Flowerman Festival takes place once a year. This festival celebrates notable men and women of this area, and their customs and tradition. After moving to Jeddah, take a day or two to visit Al Souda and Rijal Alma Museum. 

slopes of the rocky mountain covered with shrubs
Asir mountains are popular among hikers and climbers.

Shammar Mountains

This mountain is popular not only for its gorgeous scenery but also due to the tragic love between Aja and Salma. According to legend, lovers ran away after their love was forbidden. At the place of their death, the peaks of the mountain rose. The story has stood the test of time and still attracts tourists today who come for sightseeing and trekking. The landscape is breathtaking with all its hidden springs and palm forests in the middle of the desert-like parts. It’s also an ideal spot for spotting and photographing its rare wildlife such as Nubian mule deer. Not far away is the city of Hail, where you can attend the Hail International Rally. On that occasion, quads, car, and motorcycle races are held through the Nafud desert. So if you’re into this type of excitement, moving companies in Yanbu can organize your relocation before the next event.

Valleys represent some of the best places in KSA for nature lovers

Although there are no permanent rivers, there are still valleys with water bodies that dry up seasonally. They represent the few and yet so precious green areas in this part of the world. As important as they are for the country’s agriculture, they are gaining more and more important as tourist spots. Many also choose nearby cities to live in, due to the proximity of green areas and a more relaxed life. If you’re one of those people, moving companies in Riyadh can relocate your home at affordable prices.  

Wadi al Barzani is considered one of the best places in KSA for nature lovers and the most beautiful valley. A river flows through the valley most of the year, resulting in green grass areas. Due to the abundance of water and greenery, shepherds from nearby villages bring their flocks to graze there. The valley is a favorite picnic spot, but it’s also popular with photographers.

valley with greenery and water surface beneath the mountains
Valleys of the Saudi Arabia are some of the best places in KSA for nature lovers.

Wadi Lajab is a 5 km-long canyon that stretches between two mountains in Jizan. The beauty of this area earned it the nickname “Heaven in the desert”. Because of the supply of fresh water, the valley is overgrown with green moss. And in some places, the water forms pools and waterfalls where visitors can bathe. Trekkers and hikers can enjoy themselves here, as well as rock climbers since Jazan Tourism Development Council gave their permission. Now there’s a good reason for you to pack your climbing gear and head to Jazan. You can store your equipment in a warehouse for rent in Jeddah, until the next time. 

Rare forests of Saudi Arabia are precious

It may surprise you to know that Saudi Arabia has about 977,000 ha of forested areas. But in relation to its entire territory, it is still less than 1%. The forests of Saudi Arabia are rich with trees, bushes, and other vegetation, as well as animals, insects, springs, and waterfalls. Years of devastation and uncontrolled cutting of forests for the sake of arable land left immeasurable damage. The afforestation started in 1975, and since then around 3000 ha have been afforested. Today, as part of Vision 2030, the Green initiatives of Saudi and the Middle East plan to plant 10 billion trees. 

Asir mountains and forest

On your way to Asir mountains, as you progress uphill, you will witness sporadic mimosas and jujube trees. As you get closer to the top, you will come across forests of juniper more than 30 ft tall which dominate these areas. Long summer rainy seasons favor many plant and tree species, which normally grow in the Mediterranean. Apart from juniper trees, there are also acacias, olives, and a variety of shrubs. The forests are under the protectorate of the Asir National Park, an ideal spot for people searching for a close-to-nature experience. 

juniper forests are the best places in KSA for nature lovers
Juniper trees dominate the areas of the Asir mountains.

The Raghadan forest streches in Al Bahah region. It’s a well-known picnic area with a lot of content, playgrounds for children, picnic spots, hiking trails, etc. Once it was a pure wilderness, but today is adapted for visitors. Still, you get to see impish baboons sometimes. Long and winding paths can lead you through the forest to Thee Ayn, the so-called Marble village. The village got its nickname after the marble outcrop in this area. While actually, Ayn means “spring”. Tourists come to visit this 400-year-old village and its flat-stone houses surrounded by lush greenery. It’s definitely a place worth visiting and spending some time there. 

Beaches are jewels of the Saudi Arabia

Now, here’s another natural asset that Saudi Arabia can be proud of, and those are its dazzling beaches. This is not surprising, given its over 2000 km long coastline. 1760km stretches along the Red Sea plus 560km of the Arabian Gulf coastline. Travelers and tourists that prefer spending their holidays near the beach, can choose from dozens of well-kept beaches in KSA. Some of them are summer hot spots while is best to visit others during the winter months. Therefore is wise to plan your trip to KSA based on the time of the year and your preferred activities.

Moving companies in Jubail can even arrange transportation for your boat to the desired beach. And not only vehicles but also equipment for water sports, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, fishing, snorkeling, etc. You can practice all that on the beaches of Saudi Arabia. Or you can stay in some luxury beach resort if you don’t prefer to spend time at one of the untouched and untamed beaches

aerial shot of the sandy beach with turquoise water
Some of the best places in KSA for nature lovers is its coastline with gorgeous beaches.

Beaches of Tabuk are among the best places in KSA for nature lovers

Tabuk has a 700 km long coastline by the Red sea, with numerous scenic beaches and islands. The beaches of this region have become famous among tourists for their natural beauty and underwater world. Diving in these waters has recently seriously rivaled Egypt’s diving destinations. And in terms of beauty, the beaches of Tabuk are among the most beautiful in the world. 

  • Haql beach and its turquoise waters entice visitors to swim and snorkel. These crystal clear waters are abundant with marine species like dolphins, corals, etc. And it is also known for its wreck Giorgio G, the so-called “Saudi Titanic”. Revealing the story around it is one of the tourist attractions that this beach has to offer.
  •  Qayal and Mqna beaches are also quite popular among divers but also families with children are frequent visitors. Wonderful clear water and golden sand are more than enough for a relaxing weekend in one of the chalets or resorts. 
  • Al Wajh beach offers many facilities and activities for its visitors. On this beach, you will find everything you need for an active vacation. And offers you the opportunity to try diving, fishing, etc. 

Half-moon beach

One of the most famous beaches of eastern Saudi Arabia is Half-moon beach, stretching nearly 40 km. It is located west of the city of Al Khobar and half an hour away from Dammam. Because of the shape of an arch, the first expats named it Half-moon as it reminded them of the crescent moon. It is a favorite picnic spot for locals and residents because the waters are ideal for kids, calm, and without waves. If you add to that arranged areas for sitting and an amusement park for children, you got yourself a nice and fun spot to spend a day at. The beach has it all, from shades to showers, restaurants, and other necessary amenities. And besides swimming, you can go on boating trips, or ride a quad on the beach.

two scuba divers taking pictures beneath the surface at one of the best places in KSA for nature lovers
Saudi Arabia has excellent spots for scuba diving.

Our movers and packers Dammam can take care of your relocation while you enjoy yourselves on the gorgeous Half-moon beach.

Umluj beach

This one is rightfully called the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the best places in KSA for nature lovers, whether you’re up for a relaxing or active beach vacation. Its fine white sand and crystal-clear water attract visitors all year round. Although the most pleasant temperatures are from November to May. Umluj offers ample of activities, such as fishing, shell picking, scuba diving, etc. You can even rent a boat to take you to visit nearby gorgeous remote islands with shallow waters to swim at. The most visited is Jabal Hasan Island, 18 km away from Umluj beach. It’s ideal for scuba diving among its coral reefs. Once you get tired of swimming, you can visit the nearby mango orchard and Ducm Tourist Park. Umluj is also a popular camping spot, where you can enjoy quiet evenings by the fire under the stars. 

Hopefully, we have managed to give you a glimpse of the splendor of Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty. May many of the best places in KSA for nature lovers remain unrevealed for you to discover them. Note that you can rent our warehouse in Saudi Arabia for all your equipment needed to explore this exquisite country. 

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