Moving to KSA alone: what to expect

Moving to a different city is hard as it can be, let alone moving to a different country. It will require you to form a proper plan and approach your moving project seriously. But it all becomes much harder when you decided on moving to KSA alone. Therefore, we will provide a few tips and tricks on how to do it best and what to expect in the end. Let us begin.

Do the math and prepare a moving budget

Moving to KSA alone can be actually easy as long as you cover all the moving steps upfront. This means you must assemble a moving checklist covering all the steps and requirements. Therefore, as soon as you figure the new address and moving date, start organizing. Inspect all the furniture and other household belongings you are bringing with you. You must know the number and the weight so you can dedicate enough packing supplies for packing.

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Crunch the numbers on time and prepare the appropriate moving budget.

More importantly, you will figure out your moving budget along the way. And to do it right, you must contact your moving company as soon as you are done inspecting everything. You will most likely use air cargo to Saudi Arabia and ship everything in one batch. But your moving company must know the basic info beforehand in order to organize this endeavor adequately. Therefore, inspect your items, declutter and downsize if possible, and call your movers to help you finalize your moving calculations.

Moving to KSA alone with a reliable moving company by your side

To relocate abroad, you should seek help from the best national shipping company of Saudi Arabia. What you need here is a reliable and trustworthy moving company. To find one, browse online, compare services, compare prices, and read reviews. Maybe it would be best if you can obtain references and consult with someone who already used their services. You are shipping your belongings long-distance after all, and you wish to obtain a premium service. Therefore, do your research and in an hour or two, you’ll find a match. Just make sure your company is licensed and that they possess all the tools and means to undertake this project and complete it successfully.

Moving to KSA alone but with a proper packing plan in place

For a basic packing endeavor, you’ll need cardboard moving boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. But in your case, maybe you’ll need higher-quality packing materials. Consider using wooden crates, metal containers, or plastic bins. Of course, depending on the nature of the items you are shipping. Whatever the case is, be sure to tuck your boxes in using blister packs. Fill your boxes nicely and fill gaps with crumpled paper to shield them against bumps and bruises. Finally, tape your box around and label it with the content inside.

Find someone to help you and you won't have to be moving to KSA alone
Do not overstuff your moving boxes. Pack lightly and safely.

Although, we suggest consulting with your moving and shipping company first. They will advise what would be the best way of preparing your items for this journey. Also, if you are shipping a vehicle as well, your movers must provide guidelines and requirements. You want to prepare your car for shipping the right way, following all the rules and regulations.

Obtain onsite estimates and a moving quote

Once you bring all the info you have to your movers, they should be able to calculate your moving costs. But probably the best way of doing it is to schedule onsite estimates with your moving representative. Let them evaluate and realize the complexity of the move. This way you will know the exact moving cost with little to no room for a mistake. But if you want, you can obtain a moving quote online or via the phone. Whatever suits you best.

Cover your documents before you hit the road!

Finally, the last part but probably the most important one. You must cover all your important moving documents along with the personal documents as well. Hence, you should double-check all your IDs, licenses, medical records, school documents, and of course, your passport. Everything should be up to date and ready. And do not forget to contact your cellphone carrier to figure out how to continue with the service abroad. And once you arrive, set up a PO box and contact your new internet provider. Or you can do it all online beforehand as well. Just make sure you cover all your documents on time to avoid unpleasant situations in the middle of the journey.

This is it, now you can start moving to KSA alone. But not alone, because you have reliable moving assistance on your side. Work with your movers closely and find the best and the safest ways of completing this task. Good luck and we wish you a great new beginning in KSA. Good luck!

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