Oversize and Wide Loads Regulations in 2019

Oversize and wide loads regulations strictly define shipping of the goods in situations when they pass the line of the vehicle. You need to follow this legislation in every circumstance, and especially if you have overload which cannot change the size. However, do not forget that the law could be different from state to state. Luckily, this usually does not worth for air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia, but worth when the airplane lands. You need to inform about legislation in the country that you want to ship oversize load.

What control oversize and full loads of regulations?

In most cases, oversize regulations control how the driver and company will protect oversize shipping. Although there is a strict rule on how large your load must be, there are situations when you cannot make it smaller. It mostly happens when you have large furniture, machine, or tool. In that case, transporting company has to adjust the load to their trucks and follow legislation about protecting and labeling.

  • Firstly, you should define what an overload is – every country has its regulations about this, so you should follow their rules and inform about it;
  • Time to shipping is significant – although it is usually the last thing on mind for people that have this problem;
  • You should tell about legislation country by country since every one of them has their own rules about it – you should consult logistic companies in Saudi Arabia about it;
  • Size of the truck is also significant and oversize, and wide loads regulations strictly define it;
  • In case that your load is too big and you cannot make it smaller (disassemble into smaller parts) you should use individual banners, flags or lights, also provided by law.

When we talk about the oversize load, US law has precisely defined what it presumes. We take everything larger than 8.5 foot as oversize load. It should not be hard to follow since the standard truck bed is around 8 foot. It means that everything that supports the size of the truck law has already defined. The vehicle should not be taller than 14.6 foot. However, more important is to mark the car properly and prepare documentation. It is especially important in cases when sensitive, and a particular load is about, like medical supplies. Cold chain services that transport it also has to follow special legislation.

A large truck
Large trucks are usually used for overload shipping

How to follow oversize and wide loads of regulations?

There are a few essential steps that you should make when transporting. In many cases, countries follow a standard procedure that worth in every country. However, there are situations where a particular state or country define their own rules. The best is to ask before shipping and prepare appropriately.

It is essential to define an overload

In cases when cargo transportation Saudi Arabia face with a too large or heavy load, they have to inform about every part of this legislation properly. Luckily, most transportation companies have their own rules about it, so you can easily follow their provisions of the law.

Type of load is also important

In cases when you should transport dangerous and hazardous materials, the law is even more severe and strict. Imagine how bad it could be if something drops from the truck or fall off. So, before shipping inform about the legislation in these situations. Also, you should know the safety law for particular types of materials. If you have a single large load, like furniture or machine, things are more straightforward, but it does not mean that you can skip the law. There are situations when it could be dangerous, too.

Prepare a particular pilot (escort) vehicle

Since the truck that drives overload represents a danger to the other cars on the road, the countries have defined sending a specific vehicle that will follow it. It could be a simple car, with a skilled driver, or specially marked vehicle. Not only that it drives behind or on the side of the truck. It also informs other drivers about the car. It controls safety, turns (they are hard for oversized vehicles) and have an allowance to stop traffic in some cases.

An escort vehicle that follows overloaded truck
A pilot vehicle should follow the truck with overload

Warnings about oversize and wide loads of regulations

Although the law has precisely defined what overload is, there are exceptions from that law. In some cases, the country can allow shipping of the significant items but after serious preparation. Also, you should know that transportation of the heavy load is not dangerous. More dangerous is if you have marked and secured it properly.

You must inform other drivers about your oversize

There is dangerous legislation that you should follow when shipping overload. However, the most important is to say to other drivers that you transport heavy or large items. Oversize and wide loads of regulations define how to do it, so you should not change it too much.

The law defines the type of banner that you should use

Although every country has to set its own rules, some standard colors and marks force everybody to stop and be careful. In case when you ship overload, you should use a yellow and black banner. Also, they have defined the words that you have to put on it. Those are familiar to our first instinct, like WIDE LOAD, or OVERSIZE LOAD.

Driver must use special lights

It is highly essential when the weather is terrible, like in fog or snow. In that case, other drivers cannot see a large truck on time. You should use individual flashing lights so that drivers can notice it on time. The law also predicts to put it on the top of the driver’s cabin.

A truck with the labels
Overload regulations precisely determinate labels for trucks

Time of shipping is also significant

Oversize and wide loads of regulations do not require the time of shipping strictly, but you should know that they forbid driving on the night. It is logical since night decreases visibility. You cannot drive oversize load 30 minutes from sunrise and 30 minutes from sunset. Also, avoid weekends and holidays. You have noticed more vehicles on the road, and in some countries, the law already defined it.

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