Packing a Small Apartment for an International Move

You may think that packing a small apartment for an international move is easy. There is no too much stuff, and they must be short and with the option of folding. However, you still need preparation for that. Air freight to Saudi Arabia is not cheap, so you need to sort your furniture and leave something behind. Also, packing and moving is always stressful; this is even more. Do not remember that you are in a small apartment, without space for maneuvering, storage, and changing decisions. There are few things that you always should keep in mind when packing a small apartment for an international move.

  • Since you have to prepare for an international move, you should know legislation about transporting, storage and importing things;
  • You can use storage Saudi Arabia in case you cannot decide whether you will keep or leave some pieces of furniture;
  • Selling is a great thing when moving is about – you will get rid of the stuff that you do not need anymore and earn some money needed for moving;
  • Decluttering is highly essential when moving from a small apartment is about, especially if you have planned to move overseas;
  • Packing a small apartment for an international move must be fast – remember, you and your family live there, and you do not have much time for changing and doubts.

However, all of these above is not that hard as you may think. Small apartments do have fewer things so you will not have that many troubles like other people. You can always ask professionals for help, and use the advice of your friends and neighbors.

A simple decorated room
You do not need to take all with you from your apartment

Preparation for packing a small apartment for an international move

Every moving start with making a plan and preparation. It is essential if you have a lot of things or you need to do it fast. However, training includes things that you will do in every packing and moving, so it should not be so hard. The easiest is to make a list, write everything, and change plans when it is needed.

Make a plan

The best plan for moving is by days, as a small calendar. You will not have much time for packing when the rush starts. It will be best if you have information when you travel when moving company comes to transport and similar things. Also, make an inventory and packing list. Write down what you will remove, sell, or donate. Those things you should do first.

Hire a moving company

It is not an easy job at all. Even though you may have planned to do it on your own, you should ask professionals for help. It is not needed that much for packing as for other things. Logistic companies in Bahrain will inform you about law, documentation required for it and which items you cannot import in Saudi Arabia.

Check law and legislation about moving internationally

Although you may take only small pieces of furniture with you, sometimes they will not allow you to import some of the things. In that case, custom clearance in Saudi Arabia can send you back or make troubles after arriving. To prevent this, you should inform on your own about this.

Try to organize things for a new home

It sounds hard, but it could help you to finish the job faster and easier. The key is in good organization and preparing for a new home. You should not pack things by room, like in every other moving. Organize looking for a new home. It could be more extensive, for example, so that you can make a different layout of your furniture.

How packing a small apartment for an international move looks like?

Packing of the small apartment is the same as in every other circumstance — however, this time you need to prepare for traveling to another country. In most cases, you will go by airplane or ship. All of these presume that you will leave as many things you can. Things that you have planned to take you must secure and pack appropriately.

Start as early as you can

It is hard to start with packing in these situations. However, you should use as much time as you have. Even the smallest preparation could be crucial later. So, as you have heard for moving, start with the process. It could be only making a list or a plan, or you can remove items that you surely will not take with you.

Books near window
Sometimes would be easier just to throw all in boxes without packing

Do not sort too much

You may need to sort things by room or usage, but do not waste your time on that. It is much better to use the giantess boxes you have and put everything there. It means that you can put a wardrobe from the closet as you have hanged there before. Do not think much about it once when you start.

Tips for packing a small apartment for an international move

You should always listen to the people that have packed small apartments and traveled recently. Although you will prepare for this seriously, there are little things that can make this process easier. Follow other people’s advice and make sure that you have prepared for this step thoughtfully.

Save one room as working space

The small apartment is hard for a living and working itself. When packing, it becomes a war zone. If you start to pack everything without order, you will end in storage with a bunch of stuff and without a bed for sleeping. Prepare a room that you will pack the last and put packed boxes and items that you do not need at the moment.

A bedroom
You can rent a storage for large pieces of the furniture and choose later what to bring with you

Prepare essentials bag

Although it is crucial whenever you move, you should especially pay attention to it when packing a small apartment for an international move. You will put things in large boxes without order at first. It would be hard to find them when it is needed. Plus, when moving internationally, you do not know where your boxes are in every moment. For older people this could be seriously stressful when moving to senior home. Prevent stress and prepare a bag with spare wardrobe, medicine, snacks.


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