How to pack and move statues

Are you an art lover like we are? If so, your house is probably filled with fine art, collectibles, and other precious and valuable pieces. Your goal will be to keep all of your items safe during the move, especially these valuables. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve created a guide on how to pack and move statues and other similar items. Make sure to read carefully and you’ll be ready for your upcoming relocation!

Is it possible to move statues safely to your new home on your own?

So, you’re thinking about trying to relocate without the help of moving companies in Bahrain. The most important question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you’ll be able to do is without professionals by your side. Well, it’s not impossible. However, in order to take care of everything and to be successful in it, you’ll need to prepare yourself. This is especially important when moving a lot of expensive and valuable items, such as statues. Good organization, sticking to the moving schedule and following our tips is what you’ll need to do in order to move hassle-free.

Packing and moving statues – a step-by-step guide

We wanted to make sure that you’ll pack and move statues the right way. Because of this, you’ll find the most important steps you’ll need to follow when packing your belongings. Let’s go through all of these steps together!

Plan the move seamlessly

In order to pack your household like a pro, you’ll need to plan it carefully. Be as thorough as you can in order to cover every aspect of your relocation. But, right now, let’s focus more on relocating and storing statues. In order to plan their move, first, you’ll need to make an inventory list of all of your statues to have a good idea about their number and the packing difficulties you might encounter while trying to move them. After doing this, you’ll also know how much packing materials you’re going to need.

Woman writing down the tips on how to pack and move statues
Write down everything you’re going to need in order to move statues successfully.

And, have you thought about finding help? Ask a couple of your friends to help you store your valuable pieces. Even if only one of them is available, their help will make the difference. However, make sure to start finding help ahead of time! There’s nothing worse than asking someone to help you on the night before the big move!

Get hold of the right packing materials to pack and move statues safely

As we have already told you, an inventory list will help you get an idea on the amount of packing material you’re going to need in order to pack and move statues safely. Here are some of the materials you’ll have to gather:

  • Moving boxes (made out of cardboard or plastic)
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Wrapping materials (different kinds)
  • Cushioning materials
  • Alternatives to traditional materials, such as old clothes or bed sheets

We want to point out that you’ll need to find moving boxes in various size. Their dimensions will play a big role in protecting your statues while relocating them. If you use a box that’s too big, there’s a big chance your items will get damaged while moving inside the box. In addition to this, if a moving box is too small, your statues might not fit inside or they could get damaged because of the pressure.

Identify and safeguard all trouble spots on your statues

One of the reasons why packing and storing statues and sculptures is tricky, is because they often have some small elements that can easily break off. Your job will be to identify these weak or trouble spots and find a way that’ll protect this area successfully. If your statue has legs, arms, wings or other parts that could easily break off, make sure to secure and protect them. Don’t skip this step if you want to pack and move statues like a pro!

Pack your statues the right way

One of the first things you’ll need to do when packing your statues is to wrap them in multiple layers. This is why it’s necessary to find different kinds of wrapping materials. For the first layer, use a packing paper but make sure it’s acid-free and completely blank. The ink could transfer to your valuable pieces and ruin them! So, if you’re thinking about storing collectibles, only use quality packing paper. In case you need to move a large statue, it’ll be a good idea to wrap it in one of your old blankets just to be sure that it’ll survive the move!

Magazine pages
It’s very important to avoid using newspaper or magazines for wrapping.

As soon as you finish with wrapping, place your statues in a suitable box of right dimensions. Always pack your statues separately to avoid damaging them. Make sure to have some cushioning materials placed inside the moving box before putting your item there. You’ll also want to add more of the cushioning materials after placing a statue inside the box. Close the box and seal it with packing tape.

Man packing an item
Use a lot of packing tape, just to be sure that your box won’t break during transportation.

That’s it! Now, all that’s left is to perform a quick quality packing assurance test. This test will tell you how well you’ve done your job of packing your statues. However, before performing it, learn how to lift a heavy object safely to avoid hurting yourself. You’ll want to lift every box and shake it gently. If you can’t feel anything moving inside of it, then you’ve packed your statues properly!

When in doubt, hire pros to pack and move statues

As you can see, you can pack and move statues on your own. However, even the slightest mistake could put in danger your precious belongings. And that’s definitely something you want to avoid at any cost! Therefore, instead of risking the safety of your statues, look for logistics Saudi Arabia to get someone who’ll help you move your precious items in the safest possible way! Therefore, it’s always better to hire moving experts than trying to handle the relocation on your own.


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