Packing collectibles for international transport

Packing collectibles for international transport can prove to be quite a difficult task. I mean, the topic is rather general as these collectibles can be anything. It can be something as small as a ring or as big as a car. All of these are collectibles. The one common denominator is the fact that these items are extremely valuable. This means that these valuable items need to undergo very special packing techniques. They also need to pass the customs clearance in Saudi Arabia. The techniques will vary slightly based on the fragility of the items. For instance, one set of metal rings will not undergo rigorous packing as a large mirror would. Simply, the fragility of these items is very different.

Still, all collectibles are valuable and very close attention needs to be put into their package. We will cover some general examples of various items, and the way to pack them for international transport. Still, if you are unsure you can always feel free to contact us and we will discuss the ways for you to pack your collectibles for international shipment. It is not an impossible process, it can just sometimes include more than a few steps. We are here to gladly assist! There is also countless online reading that will help you figure out the best way of packing collectibles for international transport. Who knows, maybe there is someone out there that has been shipping the exact same item you are.

figurine of killer from one piece
Figurines are just one of the many collectible types that require special packaging.

Packing collectibles for international transport – where to begin?

You need to first analyze the item you are transporting. You should be focusing on its value and fragility. Is it something that will be, potentially, prone to theft or is it something that is safe and only sentimentally valuable to you? Once you are able to answer this question you can proceed to the more touchy subject and that is fragility. How fragile is the item that you are transporting? Furthermore, how big is it? These are all very important questions that will dictate which way the entire relocation will go. They also dictate common carrier packaging. Will it be a shipment of a box the size of a shoe, or are you going to be transporting a vehicle?

This will dictate the price of transport, the means of transport and the most important thing which is the packing technique needed. We are going to take something that is most common for this conversation. However, if it is not something that doesn’t fit what you were looking for chances are quite high that someone had the same experience as you are having right now. Someone out there must have already transported the same item you are transporting now. This is why one of the best things for you to do is to explore other people’s experiences and make a strategy based on them. Someone out there must have done the same thing already. Use it!

a suitcase
A suitcase is great for transporting collectible comics but bad at transporting some other items.

Consult companies that offer such services

In all our experiences so far, it is best not to wing it. Doing it yourself is good for most things, but this is not one of them. The safest thing to do, in order to make sure your collectible is fully protected, is to consult one of the packaging companies in Saudi Arabia on the matter. It may be the pricier option of the two, but it is the option that will give back the most value. And when it comes to collectibles, the highest value should be your top priority.

Granted, if you do everything yourself you can definitely find countless guides online. If you do this by yourself, you are potentially saving a lot of money. But, will you consider that you saved a lot of money if something goes south and your collectible gets damaged or lost? In this case, you lost much more when compared to the investment in professional packing services.

Experience is the key

You need to look for a company that has a lot of experience in transporting collectible and valuable items. International transportation is no joke. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in transport this long. Additionally, if the transport is not direct, it poses even more risk. For instance, if you are transporting something by plane, and there is no direct flight, there are countless logistic hoops you need to jump through before everything is done and over.

Imagine having to look for several flights on your own. Then, top that with needing to find a temporary storage unit to keep safe your item before the next flight is available. Add to this the transport from the plan to the storage unit, and from the storage unit to the plane and you have yourself a nightmare.

trucks on a highway
Experience is what differentiates the moving companies when collectibles are transported.

Some things are best left to professionals.

Packing collectibles for international transport – who to rely on

We are absolutely delighted to be a part of your valuable transportation. If you are still bent on doing it yourself, you should at least contact us and discuss the details of your relocation. There is maybe some insight we can share that would make the entire process painless. Take it seriously, especially since this is something of a lot of value to you. International transportations are not to be taken lightly, especially if you plan on doing everything on your own.

Take your time and do your research diligently. Consult people you know who have had similar experiences and try to steal some of their wisdom. Consult the professionals and carefully plan before you start executing the transportation. It takes a little bit more effort to plan it, but once you are done it is completely worth it!

Good luck!

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