Problems when shipping during summer

If you are in trading business, especially if you are new to it, some problems and questions are commonly inevitable. In order to do all your operations right, a good preparation is the key. Aside from planning and finding reliable movers and packers Jeddah offers, you should get acquainted with some risks. Some of these are problems with shipping during summer.

As you probably already know – and that is why you are here – every season of the year is different when it comes to shipments. Certain challenges often arise because of the proportions of your shipments and the requirements of the deals you made. Also, the type of goods you are shipping and the temperatures across the year are important factors when it comes to the quality of your shipments.

large ship with containers, shipping during summer
It is important to understand and avoid common problems when shipping during summer.

In order to prepare yourself for the summer shipment season, you have to know the potential risks. If you want to avoid common pitfalls, good knowledge and preparation are the key to success. As you want to gain good reputation or don’t want to risk the already existing one, you should avoid some of the most common issues when moving cargo during summer. We have prepared you for those problems. Also, we came up with adequate solutions. Therefore, we encourage you to keep on reading!

Common problems when shipping during summer that most companies face

Summer can have immense impact on shipping. It is important to learn about import and export mistakes in general, but now, let’s focus on the problems when shipping during summer.

The most common problem when shipping during summer months are high temperatures

High temperatures as an issue don’t come as a surprise. Some people generally find it harder to work when it’s too hot outside. Now, imagine having to transport some very temperature-sensitive items. Doesn’t sound easy at all, does it? Therefore, it is of utmost importance to asses whether your cargo is sensitive to high temperatures, and to what degree your products are vulnerable to the heat.

Most heat-sensitive items are medicine, vaccines, chemicals, and food and other perishables. If you are shipping some of those, you should be extremely weary when shipping while it’s hot. Some items are prone to getting spoiled, melted or scorched in contact with high temperatures.

Additional costs

If you want a guarantee that the goods you are shipping won’t get damaged, you should be prepared to invest some additional money. However, be aware of the fact that these costs outweigh the risks. It is better to spend more money on safety of your items than to lose them or deliver spoiled ones.

Making stops and changing transport

If you are making a long-distance shipment, there’s a possibility that your cargo will be transported from one ship to another. These stops may lead to heating of your cargo, especially if it is standing on the docks for longer periods of time.

Problems with fuel

Issues with fuel can cause the refrigeration to stop working, particularly the lack of it. This is especially the problem if there are a lot of delays. Some transporters may even turn the refrigeration off in order to save some fuel. In order to prevent such things from happening, it is important to spot and avoid the unprofessional 3PL companies.

Packaging is not good enough

If you don’t pack the goods you are transporting properly, there are greater chances that there will be problems when shipping during summer. Your chosen logistics company should have it covered, since they are trained professionals. However, always pay attention. Goods may be damaged by heat if they aren’t tightly sealed or if there is too much internal air space.

ice cubes laying around
Ice, ice and even more ice!

Lack of quality coolants can be a serious issue while shipping during summer months. You need to choose enough solid blocks of dry ice, frozen packs of gel or ice pellets.

Solutions to problems when shipping during summer

Since you are aware of possible issues, you should consider some solutions that may help you deliver your goods in good shape and state. You should avoid risk and estimate your costs. It is very important to prepare yourself by following some of these tips.

Implementation of temperature-controlled solutions

Spending money on the additional temperature-controlled solutions may seem like an additional cost. However, it is always better than risking the quality or even the realization of the whole shipment. By considering refrigerated trailers or containers, you will ensure the safety of your cargo. Insulated thermal blankets can also help you a great deal. Safety and quality should always be your priorities if you want to conduct the business successfully!

Prepare on time

If it’s possible to ship your goods before the temperatures reach their peak, try to do it. If not, try to carefully choose the best time of the day. For example, try to do your packing and loading at evening or even during the night, when the temperatures are lower.

Hire a trusted company in order to avoid problems of shipping during summer heats

Saudi Arabia offers some very good logistics companies. You should explore your options and get to know all about the services that may be helpful to you. When you choose the right company, such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia, you should discuss solutions with them and provide them with enough information about your cargo.

Additional solutions:

  • Avoid scorching of perishable goods by paying for priority shipping
  • Explore your options as much as you can, especially when it comes to refrigerated containers
  • Demand forecast
  • Consider pre-cooling of some items if possible, e.g. drinks
  • If you can, opt for air freight, since some goods are more safely transported as air cargo Bahrain
  • Load and unload as quickly as possible
airplane landing, sunset
Avoid some of the temperature-related problems by transporting your sensitive cargo by the air.

With good preparation and our advice, you will almost surely avoid problems when shipping during summer. We hope this article was helpful. Good luck!

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