Proper Packing Order for Your Move

The first association of the relocation is the exhausting packing order. If you are moving, you will need to pack your belongings. You can do it yourself, or you can hire professionals. If you choose to do it yourself, you might want a guide for packing. It will help you pack easily and in no time! Therefore, Four Winds Saudi Arabia offers you a guide with the proper packing order for your relocation.

Proper Packing Order

What is the proper way to pack your belongings? One of the best packaging companies in Saudi Arabia has an answer to that question. You need a guide that will help you step by step. Packing without any order will cost you energy and time and can only make you feel stressed and anxious. Therefore, organizing your move is a must! Our proper packing order consists of:

  • Pre-packing your essentials
  • Decluttering and sorting your belongings
  • Labeling boxes
A mother and her daughter folding clothes
Proper packing order will help you get rid of unwanted belongings.

Pre-packing your essentials for proper packing

Pre-packing your essentials means you will sort and pack the most important things first. These are the most valuable possessions you have, both emotional and financial. They include personal documents, weapons, jewelry, pets and plants, and your most-used electronic devices such as an iPad or a laptop. These are the things you do not use in everyday life but are very crucial. Therefore, it’s best to pack them days before packing other belongings. It’s best to pack them in one box and put them in your bedroom to distinguish them from other belongings. Moreover, it’s even better if you choose a box such as green or blue for these belongings. It’s also best to not hire relocation services Saudi Arabia for these belongings and to transport them yourself.

Decluttering and sorting your belongings

Decluttering will help you make additional space for your belongings. It will also help you pack properly. Getting rid of old and unused things can be good for many reasons. One is more space. You can donate unwanted things, which is a good deed. Or, you can sell them and make some additional money. In addition, if you have fewer things, moving companies in Saudi Arabia will charge you less for the move. After throwing out everything you do not need, you can focus on the stuff you have. You can sort your thing by their dimensions, the room they are in, or their importance. However, it’s best to sort them by the room they belong in. If you do that, you will unpack much easier.

Colorful markers
You can use colorful markers to label boxes.

Labeling boxes- last part of the packing order

The last step of the proper packing order is labeling boxes and packing your belongings into them. You can use colorful markers for labeling boxes. For example, everything in the bathroom should be labeled in blue. The bedroom can be green and the kitchen yellow. After labeling boxes, place your belonging into them. However, do not try squishing everything into one big box. That can result in damaging your items. It’s much better to use a few smaller boxes than stuff everything into one big box. Another hack is using bubble wrap and its alternatives to wrap bigger and more fragile items. After putting everything in the boxes, seal them shut using the tape. That will prevent boxes from opening and damaging your goods.

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