Self-isolating in KSA

COVID-19 has greatly influenced the lives of people around the world. Social distancing and self-isolation have become part of our everyday life. Saudi Arabia reported the first case of COVID-19 in March. Since then, the government enforced numerous measures to stop the spread of the disease. Coronavirus has impacted daily life in Saudi Arabia and all spheres of industry. Saudis are gradually coming to terms with a new way of life. We have some ideas to help pass the time if you are self-isolating in KSA.

How to spend time when you are self-isolating in KSA

There are many things you can do during self-isolation. It is advisable to be productive or learn something new. Acquire a creative hobby such as painting or cooking. It will boost your mood and relieve stress. You do not have to be a pro – just have fun. Try different painting techniques and experiment with various styles. Learn new recipes because cooking can be soothing and provide comfort. Help your kids with the school during the corona outbreak and keep in touch with their teachers.

Find ways to spend quality time with your kids during the quarantine.
Use your free time to help your children with homework and learning

Also, now that you have a lot of free time, you can read everything you have always wanted. Get lost in a good book and it will help pass the time. There are numerous other ideas on how to spend time when self-isolating in KSA. Virtual tours in museums and galleries around the world are one of them. Learning a new language can also be an interesting and enriching experience.

Have you just moved to KSA?

If you have just moved to Saudi Arabia, make sure to check the government’s guidelines for isolation. Here you can find out what to do upon arrival and which cases require self-isolation.

Organize your closet during the pandemic.
One of the things you can do when self-isolating in KSA is to organize your closets.

The moving process can be stressful and complicated even in normal circumstances, let alone during the pandemic. If you have hired international movers in Riyadh make sure to take all precautions. Keep distance and wash hands regularly. Your movers should be reliable and experienced. Before you choose a particular moving company, check its ratings and reviews on specialized moving websites. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service they provide.

Unpack and organize your belongings

The moving process does not end on a moving day. You still have to unpack and organize all your things. Although there are many packers and movers in Saudi Arabia some people prefer to do it on their own. This is a time-consuming activity, but self-isolation is the perfect time to tidy up your new home. Clean your place thoroughly, unpack the boxes, organize your closets. Get rid of the unnecessary items such as old magazines, toys your kids don’t play with, clothes your no longer wear, etc. Organize your pantry or clean your garage.

As you can see, it is not difficult to find interesting and useful things to do during the quarantine. The most important thing is to stay healthy at home during this challenging period.

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