Simplifying your unpacking process 101

We all know that moving is a complicated and tiring process. But your troubles do not end when your movers arrive with your belongings. The unpacking process can also be troubling as well. That is why many people stay to live among boxes for months after they’ve moved. Do not let that happen to you. Think about the unpacking process before your move begins. Think about how you pack and label your boxes properly and you will have a much easier job once you move to your new home. In this article, we will concentrate on simplifying your unpacking process and things you can do before your relocation begin.

Simplifying your unpacking process with thorough planning

Planning is the most important part of every successful move. You cannot expect that things unfold well if you do not plan every step carefully. That is why you should sit down the moment you decide to move and carefully plan your moving process. Of course, the most important part is to locate a reliable moving company that will help you. Shipping car from Saudi Arabia to US as well as your belongings is especially complicated. So having experienced and trustworthy movers can be crucial.

Man writing a plan
Simplifying your unpacking process is impossible without planning

But your plan should also contain things like paperwork, gathering packing supplies, packing, cleaning, transportation. However, when you want to simplify your unpacking process, pay close attention to how you will plan your packing. If you just stuff your items into boxes without any particular order, unpacking will be torture. That is why your plan should have a special part about how to pack your items.

Schedule your cleaning time and simplify your unpacking process

As mentioned above, you need to be smart and think about unpacking well before you arrive at your new home. If you do not do it on time, you cannot do much about easing your unpacking process.  Think about the moment when you arrive at your destination, whether you are moving your home or your business. Will your new space be clean, or you will have to clean it once you get there? Not only that you should clean your space while it is empty, but you will also have a much easier job of unpacking if your new space is nice and clean. Therefore, talk to your movers and try to harmonize your schedule. Try to get there before your clinical trial logistic arrives and have a few hours in an empty space to clean. That will greatly ease your unpacking process.

Hire professionals to simplify your packing process

After you schedule your cleaning time, you can start dealing with packing. First of all, you need to know that hiring packaging companies in Saudi Arabia is the best way to simplify your packing and unpacking process. They will pack your items quickly and securely. Moreover, they will unpack everything, put it in place, and clean the derbies after they are done.  Consider this before you begin.

Four cardboard boxes
Hire professionals to ease you packing and unpacking processes

If you do not  want to pay professionals you will need to pack on your own

Of course, overseas relocations are very expensive. So paying your international movers and packers in Riyadh to pack your items could be more than you can handle. If that is the case you will need to pack on your own. Of course, that will not be an easy task, and you will easily fall into the temptation to pack your items as quickly as you can. But that could be a mistake that you will pay afterward. Think about the order in which you pack your stuff. Either pack similar items together or pack room by room. Also, the most important part will be to clearly label your boxes so you know what is where once you start unpacking. You can use sticker labels, write directly on the boxes, or use colors to mark the content of the box.

Simplifying your unpacking process by unpacking immediately

The moment your items arrive, you should start unpacking. Of course, you also need to have some order in which you will do this. Start with the most important things that you will need to function in your new place. Start with bathroom and kitchen items. Once you wash yourself and have something to eat, unpack your kids’ room so they have something to do while you deal with other things. This will significantly simplify your unpacking process.

Unpack large items to create space

Once you unpacked essentials, start unpacking large items and furniture. Furniture will probably be disassembled, so you will need to assemble it. However, you need space to do this safely. Therefore, first, get your appliances into place and arrange everything that is taking up your precious unpacking space. Then you can assemble the furniture.

Next, unpack commonly used items

When you arrange large items, your new space will already look neater. However, there is still a lot of work ahead of you. So, start unpacking your commonly used items. This is the moment when proper labeling will pay off. Read the labels and start unpacking dishes, clothes, and others.

Pile of plates
After you unpack large items, move on to your dishes

Do not stop until everything is unpacked

Finally, you can unpack your books, sports equipment, pictures, and other trinkets. The important thing is to unpack everything in one stroke. If you unpack only essentials and leave unimportant things packed for tomorrow, you are stepping into uncharted territory.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow or the day after. And that is how people stay to live among boxes for months. Do not make this mistake. If you already did everything to simplify your unpacking process, finish it.

Clan the junk while you are unpacking

Simplifying your unpacking process will help you immensely. However, there is one more thing that will help you. Unpacking creates a lot of debris. And after a while, it can become difficult to move around if you let the junk accumulate. Therefore, try to clean up as you unpack. You will have a much easier job during and after unpacking.

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