Supply chain network explained

Nowadays, due to the spread of Coronavirus and the expansion of online shopping and services, consumers expect to receive goods quicker than ever before. Therefore, they expect to have full service and different products at their disposal anytime and anywhere. And suddenly, a massive shortage hits the commercial world, and people start wondering why they cannot get what they need as fast as before. However, they are not aware of the supply chain crisis that has struck the world in the years of the pandemic. That’s why it is important to explain the essence of a supply chain. Four Winds Saudi Arabia provides this article for those who want to learn more about the supply chain network and its functions. Our professionals will help you understand the path that goods or services take to reach you. Stay with us and find out more.

Making a definition of a ‘supply chain’ is more difficult than you think

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘supply chain’ more than once. Although its name suggests its meaning, you may wonder what the supply chain really is. Explaining supply chains to people outside the industry is quite a challenge since the concept of the supply chain industry undergoes constant changes due to various improvements. That is why it’s hard to explain it due to its shifting definitions. Its role becomes more and more important within businesses and their logistics fields. But let us interpret the definitions of the supply chain.

A watch and a laptop
Many people become impatient if they don’t get their order or service is not on time

A brief definition

Without a perfect supply chain network, you won’t be able to get your goods or any other service. How? Briefly explained, a supply chain can be defined as the process of making, selling, and transporting commercial goods to the final buyer or service customer. It includes every single stage aspect from material supplies, product manufacture through to the distribution of goods, and their sale.

Supply chain in commerce

In commerce, a supply chain consists of many activities from finding resources, purchasing raw materials and other components, manufacturing, packing a finished product, storing, selling, and delivering a final product to the buyer. Everything starts and finishes with the consumer. First, the consumer makes a demand. Then, it’s a supplier’s turn to supply the manufacturer with raw materials. After the manufacture, comes the distribution of the final product to a retailer who then sells it to the customer. For a supply chain to function properly, it’s essential to have a good start from the very beginning through logistics, and finally to the delivery of goods or services. And without good logistics of every single aspect, the supply chain can easily break.

A man delivering boxes
A strong supply chain network makes final delivery perfect

What is the supply chain network?

Due to many rapid improvements in the supply chain, it was essential to build its network. A basic supply chain could not handle all the advancements, so organizations came up with the idea of developing a strong network among themselves to boost their services. Thus, the constitution of a supply chain network became an essential part of companies’ logistics. These networks are made to make the flow of goods, materials, and information easier and faster. Supply chain networks not only facilitate the business procedures but make your final product arrive intact and on time.

Supply chain network in the moving industry

A strong supply network is an essential part of a company’s logistics when it comes to the moving industry. This network includes various activities, people, resources, and information. Moving companies develop supply chains to provide their customers with perfect relocation, thus making sure to stay competitive in the relocation business. The relocation supply chain plays an important role in delivering the freight to the customer in its original state. Without it, relocation would be more difficult no matter whether you are moving within or to Saudi Arabia. That’s why it is important to hire a moving company that can handle the logistics problems. Not to forget that without professional moving services, you could have problems with customs clearance. To avoid potential problems, you can always refer to logistics companies in Jubail. With them by your side, your items will travel safely to or from Saudi Arabia.

SCN in freight transportation

Supply chains exist in many industries, and the moving industry is no exception. In fact, they became an inevitable part of cargo transportation and its storage. It’s because people have developed their needs for goods and services, which increased the demand for transporting the cargo. To have successful transportation or relocation, every cargo transport company strives to have an unbreakable supply chain. So if you want to move your goods or personal items globally, then Four Winds KSA is a perfect solution. We offer a variety of cargo services such as:

  • sea cargo
  • air transportation
  • terminal loading
  • warehouse loading
  • pick up and drop off
  • live load, etc.
Cargo ships docked: supply chain network has come across many issues due to the pandemics
High demand for goods and services made a revolution in the supply chain network

As the demand for goods and services increases, the supply chain’s complexity increases as well. For this reason, many companies implement technological advancements – SaaS (Software as Service) being one of the most popular.

Don’t confuse a supply chain network with a logistics network

Although the terms ‘supply chain’ and ‘logistics’ are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. At least not partly. Logistics is just one part of a long supply chain network, but it is its most important one. A supply chain cannot function properly without good logistics. How? Well, logistics deals with planning and controlling the movement of goods from the very beginning to the final destination. Also, logistics ensures no delays and no product damage. So, if you want to have stress-free, safe and secure transportation, then contact logistics companies in Jeddah. Complete the whole transportation process with a wide range of services. Sit back and relax, and let our experts take care of the supply chain management.

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