The Difference Between Pallet And Package Shipping

There are differences between pallet and package shipping. For professionals, those types of packing are both very important for shipping. On the other hand, it is much more important to learn when is better to use each of them. For pallet racking Saudi Arabia, things are clear. They will professionally prepare both whenever they estimate that it is needed. On the other hand, you should know that moving is much easier when precisely use methods for your case.

Many people think that pallet shipping is easier and faster, which a high level of protection. At first glance, we could confirm it. However, it is not easy to make the whole process cheap when using this method. You should know that pallets are expensive and maybe not practical for smaller and not valuable items. In those cases, moving companies rather use package shipping, which is faster and cheaper for packing.

For some types of goods pallets are better choice

When are packages better among pallet and package shipping

There are situations where packages are more practical and useful than pallets. Relocation and shipping companies know that in that way they will pack items much faster. They are also cheaper, so you will be able to use it in ordinary relocation. However, it presumes that you will not be able to protect it in the same way. The problem happens when you need to wrap more than one box in the same package, too.

  • Safety must be in the first place, so you should make plans according to that – you will see that both methods have advantages in this field;
  • Every person need to protect their items from damage – but both pallet and package shipping are great for that purposes;
  • For most people price is the most important factor when choosing among those two options;
  • It is very important to pack items to protect them during transport – the best national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will choose the best for items they transport;
  • Companies usually make decisions to prevent damage and make organizations easier.

The package is in cardboard

For most of the items, cardboard is hard enough to protect them. So, you should consider the package in every situation. However, there are things when cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia could not be organized in that way. Sometimes, they need to put items in different packages that are safer.


It is for sure that transport demands smaller packages, especially when transport items overseas. In most cases, packages are smaller so easy for transporting. Customs clearance Saudi Arabia will check all items easier when they are in packages.

Packages in different sizes
Companies find packages more practical

Another packing materials

Packages are better to use in combination with other packing materials. If you worry if they will damage during transportation, you should combine with duct tape or Styrofoam. However, you know that packing is not that hard when you have good workers and a company that organizes it. In this case, you should rely on them.

More workers

For most companies packing the boxes is not that smart or practical because it demands more workers. It causes higher costs and surely time for packing. In those cases, companies make a balance between costs, protection, and the number of workers.

Pallets are sometimes better among pallet and package shipping

Companies that transport goods know that packing of the pallets is longer and more expensive. However, there are no many better things for protection than pallets, wrapped in plastic. It is much more useful when you have more small boxes and sensitive items. You should be careful, though, since you will not be able to control items inside while transporting.

Pallets are bigger

It is for sure the most important fact about pallet rackets. The standard pallet size is 48×40 which is 4600 lbs. They could be bigger, but for international transport, they must use standardized sizes. It is enough space for large boxes and items, so companies use them the most.

More expensive

Not only that pallets demand different types of transportation, but they also need more space. It is the reason why you cannot simply transport in ordinary vehicles. For those reasons, you may prepare yourself for higher prices. Many companies avoid this method for that reason.

Packages on pallets
You are the only one who can choose the best option for shipping


Pallets cannot be transported in ordinary vehicles. They need special types of vehicles, usually ships or large trucks for it. However, even with good vehicles, you will need large cargo space and loading stations. For most people, it demands larger costs and prices.

Which is better between pallet and package shipping?

It is hard to make a clear and precise verdict in this case. Both are great options for people who organize shipping. On the other hand, you know that shipping is much easier when having good equipment. When you have sensitive items or extremely large objects, there is no place for estimating the price. You will pay as much it is needed to protect them. So, the final verdict is yours.

Pallets are better for some types of shipping

It is not important what companies or clients mean about both types of packages. Sometimes the occasions and type of goods and shipping demand special packages. In this case, for LTL shipping is much better to use pallets. They are easier for loading and surely much easier for packing in the vehicle. Companies know it and choose pallets.

Packages are better to use in some situations

Type of goods but also price cause which types of packing will company use. When packages are about, companies choose them whenever they can. They are cheaper and still protect items inside professionally. So, it is better and cheaper to use packages for wardrobe, for example. You can use them for a long list of goods, like car tires or fabrics.

Comfort and price

If we want to make a final verdict, we should consider all conditions. However, the most important when companies choose between pallet and package shipping is comfort and price. They must make a balance between those two and choose the most practical for a particular case.

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