The most difficult items to pack when moving

Preparing for an international move from Saudi Arabia requires careful planning and packing. One of the biggest challenges is packing items that are fragile, valuable, or oddly shaped. To avoid damage and ensure everything arrives safely, proper packing is very important. This guide will cover the most difficult items to pack when moving and offer practical tips to help you handle them. Professional movers and packers in Jeddah face these challenges regularly and know how to deal with them. From delicate artwork and large appliances to personal documents and fine china, knowing how to pack these items can make your move easier and less stressful.

Artwork and Antiques

Artwork and antiques are not only valuable but also often irreplaceable. They are sensitive to temperature changes and can be easily damaged, making them some of the hardest items to move. When packing these items, use custom crating and plenty of protective padding to keep them safe during transit. It’s important to consider the different climates they will go through and use materials that can protect them from these changes. Moving professionals are experienced with these kinds of challenges and can provide the right packing materials and techniques. By using the right packing methods, you can help ensure your artwork and antiques arrive at your new home without any damage.

Large Appliances

Large appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines need special care when packing. They must be cleaned and dried to prevent mold and secured to avoid internal damage. It’s a good idea to have these appliances professionally serviced before the move. Technicians can secure any moving parts and make sure they are ready for transport. Packaging companies in Jeddah can help with this process. They have the right tools and materials to pack your appliances safely. By taking these steps, you can help ensure your appliances arrive at your new home in good working condition. 

A person using a washing machine
One of the most difficult items to pack when moving is a large appliance like a washing machine or fridge.


Bulky and oddly shaped furniture pieces are hard to pack. When moving furniture overseas, you should dismantle whatever you can. Take apart beds, tables, and other large items. Make sure to label each part so you know how to put them back together later. Keep all screws, bolts, and fittings in labeled bags, so you don’t lose any important parts. Use thick blankets and padding to protect the surfaces of your furniture from scratches and dents during the move. Wrapping each piece carefully will help prevent damage. Moving furniture overseas can be challenging, but taking these steps will make it easier and help ensure your furniture arrives safely at your new home.

Personal Documents and Valuable Papers

Important documents like passports, legal papers, and personal records need to be kept safe and easy to reach. Pack these documents in a waterproof bag to protect them from water damage. It’s a good idea to carry these papers with you during the move. If you have highly confidential or irreplaceable documents, consider using a secure courier service to send them. This way, you can be sure they will arrive safely. Keeping your important documents secure and accessible will give you peace of mind and help avoid any problems during your move. By taking these precautions, you can make sure your vital papers are protected throughout the moving process.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments like pianos and guitars are delicate and can be easily damaged by humidity and temperature changes. Pianos are especially tricky to move, so it’s a good idea to hire professional movers who know how to handle them. For smaller instruments like guitars, use hard cases to protect them. If possible, consider climate-controlled shipping to keep them safe from extreme temperatures. Taking these steps will help ensure that your instruments arrive at your new home in good condition. Proper packing and handling can prevent damage and keep your instruments in tune.

A grand piano in a room
Moving and packing musical instruments requires specialty skills. You’ll likely have to hire professional movers who have experience with moving instruments.

Fine China and Glassware

Fine china and glassware need special care because they are very fragile. To keep them safe, wrap each piece individually with soft packing paper. Then, add a layer of bubble wrap for extra protection. Use strong, double-walled boxes to pack these items. Make sure to fill any empty spaces in the boxes with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to stop the pieces from moving around and touching each other. This helps prevent them from breaking during the move. By taking these steps, you can ensure your fine china and glassware arrive at your new home without any damage. Proper packing is key to protecting your delicate items and making your move easier.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment like bicycles, golf clubs, and skis can be tricky to pack because of their odd shapes. When packing these items, try to take apart any parts you can. For example, remove the pedals from bikes or take the heads off golf clubs. Use custom bags or boxes that fit their specific shapes. Secure any loose parts with ties and use padding to keep them from moving around during the move. Moving companies in Bahrain often deal with these kinds of items and can provide helpful packing materials and tips. By carefully packing your sporting equipment, you can make sure it stays safe and arrives at your new home in good condition. 

Clothing and Personal Items

Though not fragile, the large amount of clothing and personal items can be overwhelming to pack. To save space and keep your clothes in good condition, use vacuum-seal bags. These bags compress your clothes without damaging the fabric. This makes it easier to pack more items in fewer boxes. To make unpacking easier, organize your clothes by season or purpose. For example, pack all your winter clothes together and all your summer clothes together. This way, you can find what you need quickly when you arrive at your new home. You can also try to find some wardrobe boxes for clothing that has to hang. Clothing and personal items may not be fragile, but they are still difficult items to pack when moving. Using these tips can help you manage the packing process better.

A woman packing clothing for a move
You have to protect any clothing you pack from the elements since they can be damaged by moisture.

Specialty Items Unique to Saudi Arabia

Items like traditional Saudi carpets or decorative pieces made of delicate materials need special care. Instead of folding carpets, roll them up to avoid creases. For decorative pieces, wrap each one in soft tissue paper to protect them. Then, place them in cushioned boxes to keep them safe during the move. Make sure there is plenty of padding around these items to prevent them from breaking. These kinds of items are difficult items to pack when moving, so taking extra care is important. 

Be Careful With These Difficult Items to Pack When Moving

Packing for an international move requires careful attention and knowing how to handle different types of items. There are many difficult items to pack when moving, but following some basic guidelines can help. Protect your belongings by using the right packing materials and techniques. If packing everything yourself feels too hard, you can always ask for help from professional movers who know how to handle international moves. Their experience can make the process easier and give you peace of mind. Moving abroad is a big step, but with the right help and preparation, you can make sure your belongings arrive safely at your new home. This way, you can focus on starting your new adventure without worrying about your things.

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