The rules of crating when shipping goods internationally

Shipping items internationally can be quite risky. Since the package will travel a great distance, you cannot predict the weather conditions or sometimes, you cannot even choose the shipping method. For this reason, it is important to ensure the safety of your items by packing them properly. There are many ways how you can pack your belongings for international shipping. One such would be using shipping crates. Usually, packers and movers in Saudi Arabia use a crate when shipping internationally. If you’re interested as well, here are all the rules of crating when shipping goods internationally.

wooden crate on the grass
Wooden crates are often used when shipping

The rules of crating when shipping goods internationally: packaging requirements 

There are a specific size and weight restrictions for the shipment that you need to respect. First of all, the size of the wood should be 48 x 40 x 6 inches. Then, the minimum clearance is 3.5 inches on both sides of the pallet base. Lastly, skids on pallets should fit into a 40-foot standard container. If you have problems finding such crates, you can always ask packaging companies in Saudi Arabia if they have one. In addition to this, if you wish for a bigger crate, you will need to ask for a special permit. This applies if this skid weighs more than 1000 kilos, is wider than 80 inches, it is longer than 119 inches and it is taller than 70 inches. Apart from this, every country has its own import and export rules, so make sure to follow them before shipping to a certain country. 

Customs rules and regulation https

As mentioned, you need to read about the customs rules and regulations of each country. If you own a shipping business, it’ll look extremely bad if your package is delayed or turned back by customs. You might lose customers due to your lack of knowledge. For this reason, if you are shipping to Saudi Arabia, you should visit the official website of Saudi Arabia customs. You do not have to worry about the language barrier as every official website has an English version. In addition to this, you need to gather all the documents for shipping crates internationally. These include the following. 

  • Bill of lading 
  • Consular invoice 
  • Commercial invoice 
  • Destination control statement 
  • Certificate of origin 
  • Inspection certificate 
  • Warehouse and dock receipts 
  • Export packing list 
  • Insurance 
  • Export license 
person reading about the rules of crating when shipping goods internationally
Make sure to gather all the necessary documents and permits

More rules to follow  

According to the International Plant Protection Convention that applies to the rules of crating when shipping goods internationally as well, almost every country that accepts international shipping crates made of wood requires that the package has a specific stamp. This also applies to every packing material made of wood. The reason behind this is to prevent the possible spread of many diseases and pests. Before you can use a wooden crate, they need to be treated against insects and fungi. After this, they will receive the stamp meaning they do not pose a threat. For this reason, make sure your crate has all the necessary stamps and documentations so it can pass the border. 

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