The things expats living in Saudi Arabia miss most

Moving to another country means that you have to face a lot of challenges. It is never easy to move to a completely new place. Doing it with some of the packers and movers in Saudi Arabia will for sure make it easier, but the adjustment to everything new will still be there. Moving to Saudi Arabia can be especially difficult, because of how conservative they are. Every culture is beautiful in its own way, you just have to learn to accept it the way it is. And most certainly, you will avoid having problems when living abroad. Even if you do all this, there will always be some things that expats living in Saudi Arabia miss most. Keep on reading to find out more.

Family is one of the things expats living in Saudi Arabia miss most

It goes without saying that wherever you move to, you will miss your loved ones. Sometimes they will relocate with you, but sometimes that is not the case. After your relocation to Saudi Arabia, you might get even more homesick, because they are very family-oriented. At least there are all the options that technology gives us to stay in touch with the people in our lives. Some apps that are popular for video chatting are:

  • Zoom meeting
  • Skype (since family is one of the things that expats living in Saudi Arabia miss most, this is a great app to stay in touch with them)
  • Google Duo
  • Discord
  • And many more

The traditional food of your country

Every country has various types of culinary specialties, and everybody can find at least something they like. With globalization in full swing, you can probably find familiar food everywhere after moving internationally. But there are still certain things that you will miss. If you are skilled in the kitchen, the only thing that you could do is to try to prepare your favorite food for yourself. If they sell the ingredients in the place where you live that is.

Sliced bread on a surface
Your home country traditional food is something you miss for sure when living abroad

Your hometowns climate

If you are not a fan of the desert climate, then you definitely miss your hometown’s weather. On the day it can reach up to 54 °C with a sudden drop of temperature at night, and with very little rain during the year. After moving here using the services of packaging companies in Jeddah it will take you quite some time to get used to the climate. This will happen especially if you are from colder countries.

The language

Because Arabic is a language with a non-Latin alphabet, it is fairly difficult to learn for foreigners. Some characteristics of spoken Arabic make it even harder to master. Even if you know the language well enough to communicate on a daily basis, you probably can’t help but miss your native language. You are lucky if you met another expat from your country to at least have someone to whom you can talk in your native language.

Open book on a surface
The Arabic language is considered a fairly difficult language to learn for foreigners

Things that expats living in Saudi Arabia miss most – conclusion

Even if often we don’t want to admit it, we don’t miss something unless we don’t have it anymore. That also goes for the things from your home country. Getting used to living in another country can be difficult, but not impossible. But if you got used to living in Saudi Arabia, it will get easier as time goes on. And eventually, you will start thinking about it as your second home country.

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