Tips for expats moving to Jubail from US

For expats looking for employment, Saudi Arabia remains prosperous. It has been a favored destination for a long time, due to a growing oil and gas industry. New opportunities may arise from the government’s economic diversity. No matter if you are moving for a job or any other opportunity, you can hire one of the moving companies in Saudi Arabia to help you relocate. Once you are settled in, we prepared a couple of tips for expats moving to Jubail from US.

Why are people moving to Jubail, Saudi Arabia

There are many reasons why a person from the US would move to Jubail. The obvious one is looking for a new job opportunity, but Saudi Arabia offers so much more. If you give it a chance and hire some of the moving companies in Jubail to assist with relocation, you won’t settle for less.  The city is very urban and the way of life is modern. You will find nice sandy beaches and a lot of shade from the sun. Some of the main reasons for the move are:

  • quality of life and high standards
  • diverse job opportunities
  • sunny weather and long beaches
  • a new cultural experience for expats
Street with a tree line
For expats moving to Jubail from US, quality of life and the urban city is what attracts them the most

Tips for expats moving to Jubail from US

Our first tip is to research the salaries in Jubail and compare that with the cost of living. You might be surprised to hear that rent is not cheap. However, petrol can be pretty inexpensive, so if you are shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price of the fuel will be at your liking.

Secondly, dating and personal life in Saudi Arabia are different than in western countries. You need to familiarize yourself with laws and regulations if you want to fit in. Holding hands and showing affection in public should be avoided. Another tip, the healthcare system is great, but we recommend that you get extra coverage and prepare your budget for medical expenses.

Once you move to Jubail, you need to respect the culture of the locals. This means no gambling, no eating on the months of fasting, and absolutely no alcohol. Be aware, if you try to bring the alcohol with you to the country, custom clearance Saudi Arabia will not allow it.

Expats moving to Jubail from US can ship their car
Petrol is affordable if you are living in Saudi Arabia, and many expats appreciate this once they move

More info for expats relocating to Jubail from The United States

If you own a dog, you must know that they are considered “unclear” by most Muslims, so respect their beliefs. Respect the month of Ramadan, and try not to drink or smoke in public areas. You can wear swimwear and shorts on some of the beaches in Jeddah if you are an expat. On public beaches elsewhere, this is not the case. If you are one of the expats moving to Jubail from US, we hope you will find these tips helpful.

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