Tips for foreign students moving in 2022 

Moving abroad to study is a very brave step that opens a lot of opportunities. Since in most cases you will find yourself living and studying in a completely different country, we have prepared some helpful tips for all foreign students moving in 2022. Say you have chosen the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as your destination. Read on for advice on how to prepare for relocation and living in a country that is very different from what you are used to.

What to know as foreign students moving in 2022

The basics

First and foremost, whenever you are moving, you need to take care of documentation and papers. In the case of moving to Saudi Arabia, you need to be even more organized when it comes to paperwork. You should do thorough research on what you need to prepare to enter the KSA. The first step is to request your visa which requires some steps. To be granted a KSA visa your passport needs to be valid for at least six months, or more if you want to stay there longer. You will also need someone to be your visa sponsor, aka to grant for you. Otherwise, it’s not possible to obtain one. You should contact the Consulate or the Saudi Arabia Embassy to get all the needed information. Ask what foreign students moving in 2022 should prepare to be able to enter the country.

books and notes for studying
Studying abroad is not an easy decision, but it’s definitely interesting and full of possibilities

Shipping and import

Saudi Arabia has a strict policy on importing goods, so make sure you research that. Certain things are illegal to enter the country, such as alcohol and pork meat. When you are planning to move to KSA, you should search for relocation services Saudi Arabia. Finding a reputable moving company is essential, as they can help with more than just the physical aspect of the relocation. You can contact your chosen company to double-check are your goods legal to be imported to KSA. Some of the things that can’t be imported are:

  • alcohol, as previously mentioned
  • drugs of any kind, so if you have prescriptions, make sure you have them written on paper and signed by your doctor
  • adult content of any kind (magazines, photographs, video material…)
  • make sure you double-check what can you import as foreign students moving in 2022 to avoid complications

Culture shock

When you finish the basic preparation for move and book packers and movers in Saudi Arabia, you should address the emotional and cultural change you are about to go through. Saudi Arabia is a kingdom deeply rooted in the Islamic religion. The laws of religion are in the lead when it comes to politics, so keep that in mind. Take your time to learn more about the place you are moving to. It’s important to figure out how to go through everyday tasks in this country. The best option is to meet a local person to help you adjust to local customs and overall adaptation to the new place. It’s easy to get lost in a place that has such a different culture, but you can prevent it by staying well informed and open-minded.

foreign students moving in 2022 will meet different cultures and customs, such as women wearing hijabs in KSA
Moving to Saudi Arabia to study requires preparation and understanding of cultural and religious differences

Climate differences

Foreign students moving in 2022 to Saudi Arabia can experience climate shock too, due to the extreme temperatures in KSA. Saudi Arabia has a desert climate with very hot days followed by drastic temperature drops during nights. Having a variety of clothes for both cold and extremely hot weather is necessary. Make sure to check which clothes are appropriate to be worn in the public. There’s not much rain annually in Saudi Arabia, so prepare for hot and sunny days. Due to the extreme temperatures, it’s of great importance to stay hydrated and pack on sun-protecting creams and lotions. 

Bonus tips

  • If you own a vehicle and you want to move it, check what documents you need to provide to be able to drive there. Inform on shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price to plan your relocating budget better.
  • Saudi Arabia is said to offer a lot of studying possibilities. The advice for all foreign students moving in 2022 is to check KSA universities, as they might find a great program and a place for future academic development.
  • Have in mind that gender segregation is still on in most public places in Saudi Arabia. Prepare yourself to be respectful of their customs and culture to avoid uncomfortable situations.
a notebok and rulers
As foreign students moving in 2022, you will get a chance to learn and adapt to different customs, cultures, and ways of living

To resume

All foreign students moving in 2022 that consider studying in KSA should prepare well. Organizing your documents and requesting a visa is something you should do first, and as early as possible. When your permission to move is granted, you would want to hire professional movers and packers Dammam to help with the relocation process. It’s very important to about what can you bring to Saudi Arabia, as they have a pretty strict import policy.


Being foreign students moving in 2022 is something that offers a lot of possibilities. You can experience different cultures, politics, religions, and life in general while climbing the steps to academic success. It is not as easy as it sounds though. Adapting to these new life circumstances can be pretty difficult. Accepting a change and acting accordingly comes with time. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t fit in right away. Saudi Arabia has reputable universities that are often cheaper than in the USA. On the other hand, life is definitely different there, so carefully read everything you think you need to know. By staying informed and aware of cultural and other differences, you can decide whether that is for you or not. If you have some unanswered questions, we friendly suggest contacting KSA Embassy

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