Tips to a successful customs brokerage process

Successful customs brokerage process presumes knowing numerous legislation and international rules. We hire a broker that controls the customs process because of his knowledge about this topic. They should know international law about import goods. Also, they should have needed certificates. Most of them act in accordance with certificates and agreements, like Harmonized Tariff Schedule. However, if you want to be one of them, you should adopt a few essential pieces of advice.

Customs brokerage process involves working with a broker that understands legislation and law

What is the customs brokerage process?

It is hard to control the movements of goods abroad. Most of the people do not know how to import the products they need. It is possible to outsource that obligation to specialized brokers that control external customs clearance. They monitor, manage, coordinate, and oversee the import of goods. The most important is that they do it on behalf of their clients.

Since every country and continent establish their own set of regulations and rules, customs brokers must inform about every one of them. That is especially important for international moving services. However, they had to learn specified regulations for all types of goods or to specialize for importing of one of them. These jobs could do individuals or agencies.

  • They need to prepare the proper documentation and inform clients about it;
  • Before the importing starts they prepare submissions and allowances;
  • Presuming that they have decided to work with all types of goods, they need to classify the goods before transporting and importing;
  • As the leading manager, customs broker manage and control transport and storages usage on time;
  • One of their jobs is providing insurance for the goods they are obligated for;
  • For successful customs brokerage process, they need to coordinate all of these steps when the process starts.

There are many rules that customs brokers should involve in their management. Some of them are closely connected with the law. They obviously need to know everything that law presumes about import and goods movements. On the other hand, they should behave in accordance with the position and seriousness of their jobs. Some of those rules we also should apply to normal business behavior.

Law and certificates

It is evident that successful customs brokerage process depends on the broker’s knowledge about the law. Not only that they should inform about legislation, but they also need to stay informed about it. Lastly, they need to ensure all required certificates and documentation for international business.

Define the type of import

You may feel much simpler and more cost-effective to work with every kind of goods. However, it is much better to rely on one or two specific types of goods. You will be able to stay informed about them. Do not mention how easy it is to prepare documentation when you know everything upfront.

A poster with girl education
You should be prepared and well educated to work as a customs broker

Do start if you do not have all the information

To stay informed, you should research legislation, rules, and regulations about importing. On the other hand, there is a long list of taxes and duties for every country. You will be more professional if you inform yourself about it on time.

Stay informed

It is not essential if you had information once a long time ago. Rules and legislation change, and you must inform yourself on time. The best way is to digitalize your business. Use internet, e-document platform and contact with e-mail. Your clients will know that you are serious, responsible, and professional. It will save time and money, too.

Ensure certificates and inform yourself about them

Some of the certifications that you should know about are connected with international import of the goods. Other ones, like NAFTA, provides information about cooperation between two or more countries. Many of them are connected with your business, too. To have a successful customs brokerage process learn everything about them.

Whenever you can reduce costs

Customs brokerage is expensive, as well as importing of the goods. However, make sure that you do not earn extra cash on your client’s needs. Also, successful customs brokerage process presumes decreasing the costs whenever you can.

Professional behavior affect on successful customs brokerage process

As in any other jobs, you should be an expert. It does not presume knowledge but basic business behavior. Some of those pieces of advice apply to any types of jobs that you run. The other ones are important if you want to control and coordinate the movements of the goods abroad.

A man and a laptop
Stay professional and responsible like in every other business

Stay responsible

Although your job is to make sure that the client’s goods will be on time imported, you should show much more professionalism than that. You will need to prove that you are responsible and organized. Small things will show to your client if you are responsible. Do not late on meetings with the client or forget about phone calls, for example.

Ask for feedback

The best thing to learn if you have done the job right is to ask your clients. One small notebook with client’s feedback will be enough for this. They will be pleased to share their satisfaction with the job you have done for them. Also, make sure that you have corrected the mistakes that you had made during the previous jobs.

Complete documentation

That is important for freight forwarders Jeddah. Although it is having documents the responsibility of your client, you are the person who needs to inform the client about particular documents they must have. Do not allow yourself to be sloppy and forget about something. Not only that it extends the period that client need for the preparation, but could be seriously dangerous for your client’s business.

Maintain the record

Having a record is actually very important for this job. Some companies keep a record of previous cases for seven years. Is could be useful for later value estimation or taxes. However, it is also helpful for evaluation of your job later.

Ensure a smooth relationship with the client

Whatever you do, your client should always be first. Successful customs brokerage process ends with satisfaction on your client’s face. Make sure that they have understood you and that you provided them useful information.

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