Understanding how to avoid extra fees when shipping

Moving is a complex task and there is always something you can forget to do. Although you will take time to plan everything in advance, getting in trouble is not far off. This issue is more than obvious when it comes to long-distance moving. Probably all long-distance moving preparations are more complicated than regular preps for moving to the nearest city. But why is that? The answer is in the shipment we need to prepare and pack in order to move. Proof of this is the unavoidable packing process we need to go through. Not only we need to protect our items but also we need to finish it on time. Besides, it will be good to avoid extra fees when shipping. So you are wondering if you can handle all this by yourself? Or it is better to hire packaging companies in Saudi Arabia? Let’s find out!

Prepare your shipment and avoid extra fees when shipping

There is no doubt, whether you packing your belongings or products, packing is always overwhelming. Moreover, this stressful and time-consuming process is not so gentle to your budget. According to this, you will often be in doubt and consider DIY packing vs. hiring professional packers.

Get as much help as you need to prepare your shipment.

On one hand, your task is to protect your items and decrease the possibility of damage during the transport. On the other hand, you will have to pay shipping costs either you prefer to pack your load yourself or let that job to packers. Is it smart to choose DIY packing and shipping by express or postal couriers or let the whole process to relocation companies in Jeddah? It is up to you, your needs, and priorities what way you will choose. What you have to pay attention to is how to avoid extra charges when shipping. So, keep reading and learn what you can expect.

Pay attention and skip extra fees when shipping

No matter if you are preparing your products or packing your bedroom for transportation, be aware of upcoming expenses. Even if you had never shipped anything internationally, you must have heard of unpleasant surprises people face when shipping goods. Fuel surcharges, DDP handling fees, remote areas are the things you may notice on your monthly invoice from your courier. But how to avoid those unpleasant surprises when shipping? This short article will help you understand additional surcharges and hidden fees you can expect. Precisely, here is an explanation of where these charges come from and what to expect from future international shipments.

avoid extra fees when shipping
Be aware of fuel surcharges you will have to pay according to certain destinations.

The list of extra shipping charges:

  • Fuel surcharge- The most common additional charge that you will face when cooperating with express couriers is the fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge will depend on the country from and shipping to. Hence this charge varies by weekly or monthly transfers towards destinations schedule of your business.
  • Optional value-added services- Do you want to protect your shipment? Looking for a way to make delivery more convenient for your customer’s recipient? Certain services like this one can help to achieve that. You can also request delivery out of regular working hours ( such as weekends and public holidays ) or add additional insurance. But keep in mind you will have to pay extra for these options. In case you want to avoid extra fees when shipping better stick to included services.

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