What do packaging regulations depend on?

If you are about to ship your package interstate or overstate there are certain important things that you must know. Things that refer to what do packaging regulations depend on. These regulations differ from country to country, continent to continent. You will have to go by them since they are the law. Therefore, you don’t have to speculate on how you have to pack something but to follow the instructions. So, knowing this, it is far better for you to hire one of the best shipping and logistics companies in KSA. Hiring professionals to help you out with something like this would be a smart and wise decision.  They are experienced, agile, fast, and familiar with the packaging regulations and laws. This way, you will avoid any potential mistakes and problems. Therefore, they can and, will do everything instead of you till the last detail.

What do package regulations depend on in KSA?

What do package regulations depend on was determent by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, aka, SASO. KSA sets these standards based on international standards so that goods can be imported and exported without any major issues. All labels in KSA must be in at least one foreign language. Usually, that is English. This way, everyone is aware of the package content based on the label. Another thing is the size of the package. The actual size of the package must be the same as the size stated on the label. It needs to have, height, weight, and width. These measurements need to be in metric units.

Man labeling a bucket which is one of the things that represents what do packaging regulations depend on
Proper labeling is very important as a part of packaging regulations that must be met.

Another thing that you must have for the goods that you are importing in KSA is SASO CoC (Saudi Arabia Certificate of Origin). This certificate is there to prove that all the goods have been thoroughly tested. They must pass the test and meet all the safety and quality standards. Because of all these regulations that you have to go by and certificates to get, it is best if you hire one of the best packaging companies in Saudi Arabia.

Packaging regulations in the EU

The first thing that marks the packaging regulations in the EU is the so-called REACH. The EU created this to regulate the transportation of all substances. Substances like heavy metal, chemicals, pollutants as well as all the materials used for packing. This regulation has been issued and approved by the European Union. REACH, aka, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals is there to protect the environment and human life from any possible damage. Another thing is Recycling symbols. Nowadays they are practically unavoidable. So, on most of the packages, you will notice them. This way, the authorities are trying to raise awareness of all the damage that has been inflicted upon Planet Earth with unconscionable disposal of materials. 

Here are some of the materials and substances that are under the REACH regulation:

  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Borate flame
  • Dihexyl Phthalate is one of the substances based on which it was determent what do packaging regulations depend on

USA packaging rules

When it comes to US regulations, the accent is on the FPLA (Fair Packaging Labeling Act) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). FPLA is there to make the comparisons easier for similar products. Also, to prevent any deceitful labeling and packaging of certain goods. But mainly it is there for general consumer products. As per the US Metric Association, these products are all those that have been intended for household use. They can be found in any retail store. Some of them are alcoholic beverages, toys, tobacco, etc. FDA, on the other hand, is there to make sure that all the substances that we use to pack the food are regular and are not harmful. FDA determents which materials can we use to pack the food as well as the substances that we use to preserve it in that same package.

Rules written on small scrabble cubes
FPLA and FDA are the ones that are defining all packaging rules and regulations in the US.

Medication logistic regulations

When it comes to the packaging of certain medications, or so-called, clinical trial logistics, the situation is quite different. Since all the medications that are part of any clinical trial are there to save lives, they must be delivered in time and impeccable condition. Nothing can be damaged since consequences can be fatal. The transport of these and any other medications is complex. There are numerous rigid rules that everyone who is a part of this process must follow. Since these products are being transported all over the world, everything needs to go smoothly on every border with no complications or delays. Our definite advice is to always hire the best professional company to conduct a maneuver like this. When it comes to things that are a matter of life and death, there is no room for any mistakes.

Bottles with unnamed medicine
When it comes to clinical trial logistics, everything must be delivered on time and without any issues along the way.

Closure on what do packaging regulations depend on

As you can see, many things can determine what do packaging regulations depend on? From the country where it’s coming from and going to, to, the most important thing, the content of the shipment itself. Therefore, organizing something like this all by yourself is basically not an option. This is why it is highly recommended for you to hire professionals when you need pallet racking Saudi Arabia. As already stated there are many strict rules that everyone must go by without an exception. They are there for our own safety, the safety of our environment, and our home, Planet Earth.

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