What Is Flatbed Shipping: A Guide

When entering the world of shipping, you will be overwhelmed by all the different names and terminology. But as time goes on, everybody starts using these words in everyday language. Flatbed shipping is one of those words that likely sound unfamiliar now. But you should know that shipping and logistics companies use this method of shipping daily. It brings many benefits to those that dare to try it The first thing that you should do is learn all about it. Luckily, you don’t have to search anymore, because you will find all the information about what is flatbed shipping right here.

What is Flatbed Shipping?

A flatbed, as the word suggests, is a large, flat surface used for transporting goods. Some industries require items that are larger than the standard trailer and ship, so the need for a new kind of shipping emerged. The majority of logistics companies in Saudi Arabia had to adjust t this demand. Flatbed Shipping means transporting extra large goods using a trailer. The catch here is that the shipment is not inside anything, it is on top of a flatbed truck. After answering the what is flatbed shipping question, you likely now wonder what can be transported this way. Some of the items transported on a flatbed are:

  • Farm and agricultural equipment like tractors and other machinery
  • Industrial goods and tools like cranes, drilling machinery, etc.
  • Huge building equipment like concrete slabs
  • Defense equipment like tanks and airplanes

As you can see from the list, all of these items are unusually large and don’t require much protection from outside factors.

Picture of a man looking for answers to the question what is flatbed shipping
Flatbed shipping has many benefits

Benefits of using this shipping method

Flatbed shipping might seem like a weird transportation method, but it has many benefits. It is so beneficial that many industries couldn’t function the way they do without it. For that reason, many logistics company in Dammam offer this kind of shipping. Some of the benefits of this choice will be listed below.

Increased flexibility

One of the main obstacles for cargo transport companies was how to transport large oddly shaped goods. Many of them don’t fit inside any walls, even though the items don’t need their protection. This gave the idea of flatbed shipping, where there are no walls surrounding the items on the flatbed. Imagine what container could be used for shipping an airplane? Flatbed trailers are the most logical answer, right?

Ease of loading

Because of the weight and shape of the items, loading is also difficult, at least on standard means of transportation that some logistics companies in Riyadh offer. With a flatbed, you can load a bulky item from every side and angle. There is no physical barrier, so cranes can work their magic in many ways.

Picture of a crane during a sunset
The question of what is flatbed shipping will interest you at some point in your shipping journey

Final thoughts on Flatbed Shipping

Now that we have answered your question of what is flatbed shipping, you have a new possibility for shipping your items. The first versions of this shipping method appeared in 1898, and it has come a long way until then. All you need to keep in mind is following the goods moving standards and working with reputable professionals. Good luck!

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