What To Do with Your Car When Relocating Overseas?

Learning what to do with your car when relocating overseas is crucial. Not only that, you need to protect the vehicle from damage, but also protect it from stealing and minor scratches. However, you need to be aware of many questions, like how to move the vehicle physically and how much this service will cost. Refrain from mentioning that you must prepare documents and learn about applicable laws. Everything above is easy if you know on time all details. Also, please hire the best national shipping company in Saudi Arabia and rely on their experience and knowledge.

What to do with your car when relocating overseas?

Many people need to learn more about car shipping and, in those cases, rely on companies. However, cooperating with the poor company could only make the problem worse. You should rely on a trustworthy international company and use their advice and help.

Cars on the ship
Learning what to do with your car when relocating overseas is important if want to protect it

Do paperwork

Whenever you organize shipping, the first step is to prepare the paperwork and manage documentation. Shipping cars from the USA to Saudi Arabia is even more demanding, so companies have a unique approach to this process. The first document you need is cooperation with the needs and demands of the other country. The paperwork includes a letter from your lien holder, two copies of a notarized title, a Declaration of Dangerous Goods, and a Shipper Export Declaration. There are specified documents that each country demand.

Take insurance

No matter how well international movers and packers in Riyadh protect and prepare the vehicle, you must take insurance. The policy may cover international transport and all possible damages. The price is usually around 1.5 to 2.5 percent of your vehicle’s value. However, if you do not pay insurance, you risk purchasing a separate shipping insurance policy or paying for the damage.

Prepare a car for shipping

Along with documents and insurance, you will need to prepare the vehicle for shipping. In most cases, it presumes to have a reasonable engine inspection and cleaning.

How to prepare your car when relocating overseas?

The first step the cargo transport company recommends is to make an overall inspection of the vehicle. It presumes to check the car stage for scratches, breaks, and loose parts.

  • It is best if you can visit your mechanic and do a detailed inspection of the engine;
  • If you are not sure what to do with your car when relocating overseas, rely on professional companies;
  • Before preparing the car, remove all loose parts and clean up the cabin.
With professional company your car will arrive on destination untouched

Wash the car

Although they will park the car at the port, then on the ship, you must keep it clean. Workers in the company must have a clear vehicle to control and find it easily and quickly. Remember that vehicle will be parked a little longer, which will cause more dirt and dust. It will be much more challenging to clean it up later. So, before parking, clean the car and wash it thoroughly. It is only one of the things to do with your vehicle when relocating overseas.

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