What to pack last on moving day?

Not many people plan what they will pack last on moving day. They are under stress because of moving, packing, and organizing, so they forget what will happen when they arrive. It happens even when you use services from professional freight forwarders in Riyadh. Sometimes unpacking could be even more difficult. In some cases, the packing of the last items should be thoughtfully organized.

  • A bag that you will pack last on moving day should be your emergency bag with all the essential items that you will need during and right after the moving;
  • Things that you have put last are those that you want to protect and save – although moving process presumes that moving company take care of your stuff, bad things always happen;
  • Some people prepare a first night bag with items and stuff that they will need right after moving – it includes pajamas, wardrobe, linen, and towels;
  • You should know that your children and pets also need their stuff right after moving, so make sure that you have put it last;
  • Make sure that you separately pack things that will make your first days in a new home more manageable, as well as tools for reparations.

We are sure that the first that you are thinking about are things that worth the most. However, this does not mean that everything that has high value for you should pack last on moving day. It is much more important to make you’re moving comfortable and relaxed.

A luggage
When you are in a hurry, you can forget to pack essentials in a special box

What to put last on moving day to make your moving easier

Some things make your life easier. Those are mostly connected with hygiene, relaxing, and everyday habits. It is precisely those things that you should pack last on moving day. They will make your first days after long preparation, traveling, stress-free, and more comfortable. Also, you can be sure that you have protected everything you could in this way.

Emergency and first aid kit

Although not that common, injuries could happen during moving. In those cases, you cannot just go to the drug store and buy a band-aid. It is vital to avoid stress because of lost control over things. The best way is to take first aid kit with you and put it last on moving box. It also includes medicine, but not those that doctor prescribed to you. You should put them in your own bag that will travel with you.

Take care about the hygiene

The first thing after moving will be to take a shower. Believe you or not, most of the people forget about this. Sometimes they put underwear and shampoo somewhere on the bottom. When you move boxes by cargo transportation Saudi Arabia, you can lose the box where those items are. Much better option is to put in on the top, and it will be the first thing you will see after moving.


Speaking about hygiene, towels are also essential after moving. Also, people forget about them when packing things. You should put towels last on moving day, so you will unpack them first after moving. Even when you use local movers in Jeddah, do not forget that you will need to wash after moving.

Pajamas and linen

Well, it is evident that first night after moving will be stressful. In most of the cases, you will not even have a place to sleep. Your new home maybe does not have a proper bed. So, make sure that you have something yours that is comfortable. Moving companies in Jeddah will make sure that those boxes will be on time and in your home safe.

A luggage
Whatever you have packed already, some items you should pack separately

Some things will make the first days in a new home easier

People forget about the fact that they will move to a completely empty house. People who lived there surely disconnected the electricity and gas. You can count on the fact that they have removed light bubbles and cords. So, the first thing you will see after moving into your new home is dark. To prevent it, take a tool with you.

Light bubbles and flashlights

There are high chances that old owners of the house had unplugged the electricity before they moved out. In case that you come there in the night; you should have at least flashlight with you. Also, do not forget to pack last on moving daylight bubbles, just in case.


You should take the tool with you, even though you have not planned to renovate a new home immediately. Do not forget that you will come to the house that nobody lived in for a long time. There are high chances that you must to fix something or plug a machine.

What to not put in the bag last in any circumstances

Most of the people think that they should put the last fragile and valuable things. However, it could cause even more damage them. In some cases, you can lose them. Valuable items should not be in the moving boxes. So, do not put valuable items there. It is much better to take them with you, so you will always keep on the eye.

There are items that you should not pack in your box or suitcases

Documents and important papers

Although it seems safe, moving boxes are not a good place for your documents. Do not put any of them in a moving box. It includes credit cards and checkbook, too. We are sure that you will take your phone and a laptop with you. Nobody put those things in moving boxes. There is a legislation that forbids putting dangerous liquid and materials there, too. You should take those items with you, though.

Pets and children should have their precious things with them

If you travel with pets and children, you should know that they do not like these changes. You should take their stuff with them. It does not mean that you should pack last on moving day in moving boxes. Put them in the box that you will carry in your lap. On that way, you will be able to calm down them when they get nervous.

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