What to see first in KSA as a tourist

You are on your hard-earned vacation and decide to go to Saudi Arabia for a while. But, what to see first in KSA as a tourist? Luckily, we will help you by talking about some things you can do while in the country. There are a plethora of different, amazing things to be seen in Saudi Arabia. From large sand deserts to green mountain tops, coral reefs, history, culture, etc. Moreover, if you require relocation or logistics services, you can consider hiring National shipping company of Saudi Arabia to help you with whatever you need. If you have issues regarding the language barrier for when in the country, worry not. Many residents in Saudi Arabia are actually pretty good with the English language. So you can have an easier time communicating with them.

What to see first in KSA as a tourist?

First and foremost, you have to understand that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is huge. The country spreads on 1376337 square miles and has around 35 million residents living in that area. The cultural, geographical, social, and economic advantages made the country climb among the top countries in the world. The strategic location of the kingdom made it so it is the powerhouse of investments.

a square in Saudi Arabian town with people on it
KSA has a variety of different cultural, traditional, and fascinating things to show to tourists

Moreover, it is the hub for connecting trading routes through Asia, Europe, and Africa. This allowed the country to invest in its own development and create a better place for its residents, as well as tourists. If you are looking for things to see, we advise:

  • The Medina Region
  • Al Ula
  • Abha

The Medina Region

The Medina Region is home to Medina, the second holiest city in Islam. Medina is also one of the most culturally rich areas in all of Saudi Arabia. This should be the main thing you must see first in KSA as a tourist.

rooftops of buldings in the Medina Region as something to see first in KSA as a tourist
The Medina Region is one of the holiest places in Islam and is definitely worth seeing

If you are looking for a place with rich culture and history, but are moving from a small country to KSA, you will surely be amazed by Medina. Moreover, even if you are just a tourist, you will have to visit Madain Saleh and the ancient town of Al Ula.

Al Ula

Rows of tightly packed mud houses and the buzzing atmosphere are just something that makes Al Ula a tourist attraction. One can find houses that are over 2.000 years old still standing in the area. On top of that, the abundant water supply, as well as the rarely fertile soil make this city a true oasis in the middle of the desert. The area once used to be the main trade route for spices, silks, and other goods from the area. If you are planning on visiting KSA, make sure you know what items you cannot take with you to the country.

Things to see first in KSA as a tourist: Abha

The “City in the Sky” as Abha is known, is located in the mountain range which helps maintain cooler temperatures in the city. Historical places like Shada Archaeological Palace and Jabal Soudah in Al Soudah National Park are just some of the things you need to see. If you plan on sending your items abroad, before going to places see first in KSA as a tourist, you should consider hiring air cargo Bahrain services.

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