What items you can’t take with you to KSA

Moving internationally means having to research the laws and regulations of a specific country. Depending on where you go, the rules of what you can or cannot enter with will vary. For that reason, we talk about items you can’t take with you into KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). However, if you plan on moving, make sure you contact movers in Jeddah to help you transport your belongings to the desired location. If you want to ensure you can enter the country of Saudi Arabia with all of your belongings, make sure to do more thorough research besides this article. Today, we will discuss just some of the items you should not take with you when you are moving to the country.

Items you can’t take with you to KSA

The reason why thorough research is important is that you should be aware of all the items that are prohibited or forbidden by law in this country. In most cases, the customs will automatically confiscate any items you can’t take with you to KSA. This can not only pose an issue for you, but it can also increase the stress levels – which you want to avoid.

a sign that says "no alcohol beyong this point" representing one of the items you can't take with you to KSA
Alcohol, among many other items, are strictly forbidden in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

However, if you need to ship some items into or out of the country, we advise using the services of freight forwarders in Bahrain. What are the items you should not take to Saudi Arabia?

  • Alcohol or products that contain alcohol
  • Pork and pork products
  • Any form of chemicals (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Jewelry of high value
  • Drugs (Prescribed and non-prescribed)
  • Weapons of any sort, etc.

What can you do to ensure you do not break the law?

Well, the first thing you should do is contact your moving company or the customs office. Gather all the information you can find about what you can or cannot take into the country. Moreover, you can always seek assistance – to help you ensure you are carrying items that will pose no issue at the border. This precaution step will not only save you from trouble but will also save you both time and nerves. The main goal is to avoid issues with the customs office. However, for more details – you can consult our guide.

Why are some of these items prohibited?

The items you can’t take with you to KSA are mostly due to the religious stance of the country. For instance, pork and alcohol are a big no when it comes to importing them or even bringing them for personal use into the country.

a stop sign in black and white
You cannot bring certain items in the country due to the religious and moral stance, as well as the laws that the country has

Moreover, as in many different countries, Saudi Arabia also has strict laws about what a person can bring into their country. Make sure you know everything about the customs before you decide to pack and move.

What to do with items you can’t take with you to KSA?

Well, the simplest solution is not to bring such items at all. Many items, like drugs, regardless if you have a prescription or not, will stop you from entering. Take a closer look at what you can enter with and what will cause issues. The list of prohibited items should be examined closely to ensure you have no issues when crossing the border.

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