Which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in?

Choosing the place that will be perfect for you and your family is not easy. It can be very stressful and you might end up losing your patience. All of a sudden there would be so many options and so many things that you need to consider, that it may make you change your mind and not relocate. But one of the best pieces of advice is to keep calm and to try to make this decision easier. You can start doing that by finding out which city in Saudi Arabia is the best to live in. And once you determine which one suits you the most, hire movers in Jeddah and plan your relocation with these professionals.

Pay attention to your needs when you choose which city you want to relocate to

Since you are looking for the best city in Saudi Arabia to live in, you are already aware of the fact that you will be moving interstate. This means that the decision about the right city for you needs to be made very carefully. You will not be able to relocate again and go home whenever you want. However, if you are already living in Saudi Arabia, you should already know the opportunities city here can give you.

When you are moving, make sure that you have a great number of opportunities when it comes to your job. Be careful about the costs of living, about how great school systems are here. And the last but not the least of the crucial things, check for the activities you can find by moving here. You need to know how you spend your free time, how will you entertain your kids and when you can have a nice meal. Remember that no matter which city you should be in your new hometown, relocation services Saudi Arabia offers are at your service.

Which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in?

Few cities in Saudi Arabia have been voted to be the perfect ones for a living. The one you will choose depends on your needs and the current situation in your life. Keep in mind that moving into any one of them is not like visiting. You will not spend just two or three days here. Living in completely different, that is why before making the final decision, write down on a piece of paper the pros and the cons of the certain place and make your decision.

blue sky and the building
Once you decide to move, be careful when you choose which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in


Riyadh is the biggest city here and has more than 6.600.000 residents. The best thing about this city is that it represents the commercial capital of the whole of Saudi Arabia. So if your relocation is related to finding better job opportunities or expanding your current business, this place might be perfect for you.

The climate here is desert, which is the typical one in this country. You will need to be careful how you pack and how you prepare for the relocation here. Especially if you are moving from a place where the sun wan not so bright.


Jeddah has more than 3.500.000 residents. But the biggest difference between this place and the largest city in Saudi Arabia is that Jeddah is the biggest port on the Red Sea. So, among many things, the weather here is different too. The other great thing is that this place is best known as a place full of innovations. The great access to the Red Sea gives this place so many opportunities when it comes to jobs.


This lovely city is one of the favorites according to millennials. You will see so many young people with a desire to move here and start their life from scratch. The nightlife is great and you can be sure that you will make so many new friends by hanging out in some of the new restaurants and bars. The other great thing about this place is that it is significantly smaller than the other two listed above. Which can make you feel more at home. You will be surprised how many great neighbors and people you will meet. The best part of it, no matter how hot the climate can be, there are tons of activities you can do and places you can visit. So, do not hesitate anymore, contact moving companies in Yanbu and set your moving day. 


Jubail is a place where people with families like to choose their hometown. There are some of the nicest schools, public and private and your kids will b able to get some of the best education possible. Hiring moving companies in Jubail and moving here with their help will give you a chance to live in a smaller place but still get to the center of the big ones in no time. The commuters love this place because it is very well connected to the other part of the state.

looking at the city from above thinking of which city in Saudi Arabia is the best to live in
Choose the place based on your needs

Which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in? Mecca vs. Medina

Mecca has around 1.920.000 residents and more people are here when visiting it during the pilgrimage. It is located 45 miles from Jeddah, so commuters will have a blast if living in one city and working in another. The best part of this place is that it is full of history. This is giving you a chance to enjoy some of the nicest and most famous attractions and activities in the world. You will never have a boring day and you will always be able to find something interesting to do and visit. Because of that, Mecca is the perfect mix of old and new.

When it comes to Medina, is the second holiest city in Islam. It is located in the most fertile part of Saudi Arabia and most people living here are conservative. So if you are a fan of Saudi Arabian culture, this place will be perfect for you. The greatest thing about Medina is that if you are a teacher, you’ll be able to choose among so many job opportunities.

How to prepare for moving to Saudi Arabia after choosing which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in?

The number one thing you need to be aware of when moving here is the weather. The climate is very different than in the rest of the world. So be sure that you have done the best research possible about the ways of living and the climate.
Living in this part of the world means that you need to be aware of your dress code. There are some parts of Saudi Arabia, such as Medina, that have conservative residents and it means that you need to respect their culture and ways of living not all parts of Saudi Arabia are like this. But to find it out, you need to dig deeper and ask people around what represents polite and good behavior here.

man in desert
pay attention to the weather and the dress code in Saudi Arabia

Choosing which city in Saudi Arabia is best to live in will be a piece of cake if you know what are you looking for. Write down your needs, sleep through the night, and if the decision is still the same, pack your bags and get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

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