7 facts about living in Riyadh

Maybe one of the most common facts about living in Riyadh is that it is a very comfortable and attractive country. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about this country. People think that this country has a lot of bans and barriers for westerners. However, there are a lot of things that we can tell about this beautiful country, especially Riyadh. As a matter of fact, you should use one of relocation services in Saudi Arabia and come here.

  • It has high culture and long history;
  • Movers and packers in Riyadh have a lot of jobs – more and more businesses come here;
  • One of the facts about living in Riyadh is that there are more foreigners than residents.
Most of expats live in special villages

Modern places are one of the facts about living in Riyadh

Believe you or not, you will find a lot of trendy places in Riyadh. Things are so high here that you could feel like you are in the US or Europe. They have invested in those things in the past decade a lot.

They live in compounds

Since there live mostly foreigners, they have made buildings for a living, especially for them. International movers Riyadh has established a job much in the past decade. It is the reason why they have so many compounds. Those are whole villages, and women do not need to cover there.

Al-Jenadriyah festival

This festival they established in 1985. It is a cultural and heritage festival, made to connect foreigners with domestic people. Also, they made it large and very attractive to new people in Saudi Arabia.

You can have great shopping there

Most people worry if they will be able to shop like in the US. However, the best in Riyadh is that they have even much more attractive stores there. Their large shopping malls are among the biggest in the world. The most expensive brands are there, too. Luckily, freight forwarders will easily transport whenever you shop here.

One of the facts about living in Riyadh is that they have significant buildings

It is like you have moved into one of the modern countries in the west part of the world. They have invested a lot of money in new buildings. Their skyscrapers are among the highest in the world. The most popular is the Al-Faisaliah Tower, in the shape of the ballpoint pen.

They have tall skyscrapers

One of the highest towers in Riyadh is the Kingdom Center, made to follow modern world architecture. On top of it is a restaurant, while the bottom of it has large apartments and duplexes.

The Kingdom Center
The Kingdom Center is one of the most popular buildings in Riyadh

Among other facts about living in Riyadh is that their culture is very diverse

People believe that living in Saudi Arabia is hard because of their religion. The truth is that their large cities accept other cultures and nations. You can feel almost like at home in Riyadh, thanks to that.

They accept diversity

Although it is not that obvious, Riyadh cares about other nations. However, they do it differently than the rest of the world. They have made schools in two parts. One part is for an ex-pat, while the other one is for the domestic nation.

A school in Riyadh
They have separated school for expats and domestic people

You must have good manners

They care a lot about the methods, especially at the table. They do not want to eat if they do not wash their hands before. On the other hand, they have something like a pray before start with a meal.

They accept differences

Most people think that Saudi Arabia does not allow other nations and do not know much about the rest of the world. It is quite the opposite of that. People in Saudi Arabia travel a lot and understand other cultures. One of the facts about living in Riyadh is that they know much about other nations and cultures.

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