Common misconceptions about shipping

Shipping maybe sounds like a scary job, especially if you do not have experience and did not ship anything, until now. Before you ship goods, you should search for information and tips. But, there are common misconceptions about shipping you should know about to recognize a difference between myth and reality. Having the right information is a way to successful shipping. When listening to other people experience with shipping or reading and searching online, there are sometimes misconceptions.

We can give you knowledge but the experience you will get after you ship goods to another city/state. Freight forwarding is a complex job, but with a little help, everything will be clear. Also, this way you will recognize and avoid red flags. People have also a misconception about moving companies, transportation, packing, etc.

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When you know what is true and what is false, your shipping will be much easier.

Common misconceptions about shipping

Learn everything misconceptions and real picture about shipping. Only that way, your goods will arrive on time and undamaged. And also, you will choose the best shipping company in Saudi Arabia to transport your items. Only with searching and learning you will avoid scams and pick the best option.

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Searching and learning is the best option to avoid shipping scams and to save money.

#1 All cargo must be palletized

The first myth about shipping is that all cargo must be palletized. It mostly depends on the type of goods and type of shipping container (FLC and LCL). If you choose a full container load, then wrapping and palletizing will take you a lot of space in a container (if you want to, you can, it is not forbidden). But, if it LCL, goods should be palletized, but it is not a must. It is highly recommended for fragile items. Some warehouses offer palletizing goods services, so if you need to do it, you may hire professionals.

#2 Cargo insurance is too expensive

It is one of the common misconceptions about shipping, but cargo insurance is not too expensive, and also, it is worth to add that cost. Insurance is highly recommended when shipping because better be safe than sorry. For a little money, you will secure and protect your goods during the transportation process. If something happens, a company will cover the damage. International shipping may be cheap, you only need to find a way. There are shipping companies that offer insurance at a low cost. Shipping can be unpredictable, and you should have your peace of mind. No one can guarantee you successful shipping without damaging.

#3 Customs exams can be avoided

No, customs exams cannot be avoided. They are a very important part of shipping. You can make it goes smoother, but you cannot avoid it. Customs officers check a shipment’s corresponding documents and inspect goods too. So, the only thing you can do is to prepare all the required documents and goods. If you are missing some document or you did not fill something right, you may have a problem with your shipment.

#4 Shipments can go straight from the supplier to the ship or plane

Even if the cargo is ready, it cannot go directly to the vessel departs. It will take two or three days until items can be loaded into the vessel. Time depends on the type of shipping (air, sea or road). But, in every case, it cannot be loaded immediately. Also, LCL shipments are a little bit more complicated than FLC shipments, and it will take about 1 week to 10 days. That is because there are other people items in that container too.

A shipping containers on a boat.
When containers are checked, they can be loaded into a ship, truck or a plane.

#5 Trucks are always available

Trucks are not always available, and they cannot be ready immediately when you need it. It is one of the common misconceptions about shipping ad if the truck is not ready, it does not mean the company is not good and reliable. Any shipping company will do their best, but something is not in their hands. Also, trucks are not available from anywhere to everywhere. They have routes and schedule. It is an advantage when a company covers a large area, but usually, it is not a case. Before you ship the goods, search all the options.

#6 Employees are not professional

Truckdrivers are not professional and they will not take care of goods. That is not true. If you have checked the company and read all the reviews about their service, you will choose a good company. Even if something happened during a shipping process, it does not mean it is a driver’s fault. Check employees to avoid moving and shipping scams, and to have smooth shipping.

#7 Shipment will always arrive on time

As we mentioned before, a company cannot guarantee their clients a delivery on time. For example, there can be changes in weather or a storm. A reliable shipping company will do everything they can to ship your items on time but sometimes is not their fault. There are also other companies they work with. It is another reason to get insurance. Goods can get lost too. It is one of the worst scenarios, but it could happen, unfortunately.

A warehouse with goods.
Goods may get lost or not arrive on time.


Now when you know the difference between a real situation, lies and common misconceptions about shipping, your shipping will be successful. From choosing a shipping company to packing your goods for relocation. Shipping goods for the first time is not a simple thing to do, and it is very stressful. If you hire a good and reliable freight forwarder, the process will be much easier for you. He/she will prepare all the documents and answer all your question about shipping and logistic. Especially if you are starting a business that includes shipping, you should pay special attention to details.

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