Crating mistakes you can avoid

There are many things you have to think about when it comes to shipping to Saudi Arabia. The crating of your items is one of the most important of these things. If you do not do this task properly you will not be able to move your things to Saudi Arabia. There are a few crating mistakes you can avoid in order to ensure your things arrive at Jeddah safely. This article will show you these few tricks so you do not have to face any surprise costs while you move some things to Saudi Arabia.

Calculate your budget before shipping things to Saudi Arabia

Moving things to Saudi Arabia is not a cheap endeavor. You need to make sure you calculate your budget in advance. You do not want to run out of money since this can ruin your relocation. Be sure you ask your movers about the prices of shipping for each item. It is extremely important to ask about the shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price. This way you will know if it is a good idea to move your car to Saudi Arabia.

Not calculating the budget is one of the mot common crating mistakes you can avoid
Be sure you calculate your budget properly

Not using the right type of crates is one of crating mistakes you can avoid

The first thing you need to do while you plan on shipping things to Saudi Arabia is getting a lot of crates. You need to make sure you get the right type of crates or the job. Do not try to save too much money on these, this is extremely important if you plan to move important tools since you do not want them to break. Be sure your crates are big enough too. It is important that the crate is bigger than the item you plan to pack in the crate. This way you will have enough space for cushioning material. This way you will keep your stuff safe while in transit.

Use soft packing materials to protect your items

Not using the cushioning materials while placing items into crates is one of the crating mistakes you can avoid. If you do not do this properly the things you pack into the crates will break while in transit.  If you do not want to buy any items like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. you can use a few different alternatives. You can use old paper, old clothes or any similar materials. Be liberal with the use of these packing materials since these are the things that will ensure your things stay undamaged while shipping to Saudi Arabia. If this sounds too complicated you can hire packaging companies in Jeddah. These trained professionals will ensure your items stay safe while you move.

Not properly sealing the boxes is one of the crating mistakes you can avoid

Once you get enough packing materials you need to make sure that you pack the things you are shipping to Jeddah properly. One of the most important things about crating your things is making sure crates remain sealed properly. You can use simple nails, screws, etc. If you want to use an extra layer of protection you should also use some tape in order to add one more layer of safety. Not making sure the crates are sealed is one of the most common crating mistakes you can avoid with ease. If you do not your things will not arrive in Saudi Arabia in one piece.

Nails and a hammer
Seal the crate with nails

Make sure each box has a label

When you seal your boxes you might think that your job is done, well this is not the case. Not you need to make sure the box has a label. This way people that are shipping your crates know what is in the box. This is crucial if you are moving some fragile items to Saudi Arabia. The workers need to put extra care when handling such boxes so be sure you label them as fragile. You should write down where the box needs to go on each label. This is one of the most important things to do while you pack for overseas relocation. Replacements for damaged items can be very expensive, they can ruin your move.

A box marked 'fragile'
Label each box as ‘fragile’ if it has breakable items in it.

No removal of the old label is one of the most common crating mistakes you can avoid

The best way to save money while you buy crates is to buy old recycled crates. This is a great way to save money. Once you make sure you can use these boxes, you have to remove any old labels that are still on the box. If the box has two labels this might cause a lot of confusion. Your things might not even arrive in Saudi Arabia if there are two labels. This can be a huge waste of time and you do not need that.

Use wooden pallets

When you plan to ship a lot of heavy items you need to make sure you use a wooden pallet. This way your crates will have something to support all the weight. Pallets do not only add another extra layer of protection, but they also make shipping far more efficient. This is because you will be able to stack multiple crates on one pallet with ease. When the crates are on the pallet you can move then around easily, which is not the case with the crates that are not on the pallet. Be sure you wrap all the crates to the pallet, this will keep your crates in one place while in transit.

Boxes on a pallet
Wooden pallets are very useful while shipping things

You can use creates for shipping to Saudi Arabia for commercial purposes or for relocation. No matter what you choose to do you need to make sure you know all the crating mistakes you can avoid. If you know what to avoid you will ensure the shipping process goes smoothly and your things arrive in Saudi Arabia without delay and in one piece. Do not be lazy when you prepare your things for shipping and use the tips mentioned above and you will be good to go.

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