Essential packing supplies to help you move with ease

A professional moving company will usually provide you essential packing supplies. If you hire them, you won’t need to worry about packing materials or waste your time on such tasks. Luckily, KSA has a network of agents that could put themselves at disposal for every question or doubt that you may have. However, if you have decided to move locally, you can organize moving on your own. Although there are also numerous local movers in Jeddah, it is feasible if you want to. However, there are things that you should know about packing supplies before starting.

  • You should prepare material that will protect your stuff when moving – you cannot merely prepare boxes for that purposes;
  • Presuming that you have decided to move on your own, you may be interested in the money that you will save choosing this option;
  • For some people environment protection is very important, so they want to move and recycle at the same time;
  • Essential packing supplies shortens the time for packing which is vital if you organize if you are in a hurry;
  • Many people think about unpacking, so you should prepare supplies that will make this job more manageable.

For many people, essential packing supplies are a few boxes and wrapping paper. However, when packing starts, you will see that the job is not that easy as you may think. So, before starting, make sure that you have informed yourself about possible problems.

Moving boxes as one of essential packing supplies
Moving boxes are first that you need to prepare when moving

Boxes are among essential packing supplies

The first thing that you should prepare when moving is boxes. However, many people think that they should prepare as many boxes they can, and the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, the job is not even close to the resolution. For moving you will need much more boxes than you may think and in different sizes. However, you can choose between used and new boxes.

Calculate how many boxes you need

Even though it seems easy, choosing the boxes is very hard. You will need different sizes of boxes and made of different material. Although moving companies in Bahrain have boxes for every situation, you can make a plan on your own. That is why it is essential to make at least a small inventory list before packing.

You will need different sizes of boxes

Maybe throwing of all you have in one large box seems reasonable and smart, it makes your packing and repacking harder. The much better is to choose boxes in different sizes. You will be able to pack items following their size and importance. We are sure that packaging companies in Saudi Arabia could help you in these situations.

You can choose used and recycled boxes

Luckily, you do not need to buy or rent boxes at all. There are plenty of spaces where you can use boxes that are in good shape and for free. Ask in liquid stores (their boxes are the hardest) or neighbor that has moved recently. Some sites help, too. The most important is that you can recycle used boxes and save the environment.

Even the essential packing supplies must care about the protection and safety

Whatever the way of packing is, you should know that packing supplies protect items from damage. So, even the poorest and smallest boxes or packages should have that usage as first. On the other hand, packages should save other items in the truck from damage. You cannot just use large boxes for that. For every one of those problems, you can ask professionals for advice or even help.

Box with photos
Make sure that you have protected boxes with your memories

Duct tape

We know movies where people use famous silver tape for literally everything. It could protect your items from damaging and safely secure the boxes. Thanks to the unique material that they have made of, they can protect the bottom of the boxes and their corners. Finally, it is easy for usage.

Wrapping and bubble paper

Known as the most used protection material, wrapping and bubble paper are highly used in moving. With those small bubbles and air in them, they will secure everything from damaging. You can buy it in specialized stores.

Furniture pads and dolls

If you have large pieces of furniture, you will need toys and wheels. Not only that it will protect your floor from damage, but also save your back from pain and injuries. Some companies will rent you those helpers. You can also make your wheels for that purpose. If you do not want to bother with furniture, you can donate it.

Blankets, towels, and pillows

As one of the essential packing supplies, you can use things that you have in your house. Blankets and pillows are great because they are soft and protect things in the boxes. Towels can be great for liquids even in cases when the bottle is opened, and the liquid drains.

Easy packing is essential for essential packing supplies

When we talk about packing, we should know that packing itself is a tough and long job. You cannot just put things in the boxes. In many ways, you will be forced to make a plan, organize stuff, ask people for help. On the first place should be easy packing, so choose essential packing supplies that make this job more manageable.

Prepare special tool

Although the tool is one of the essential packing supplies, you should not worry about them. Most of the things that you will need you possible to have in your home. It includes screwdrivers, rope, plastic laces, and a hammer.

Prepare as much plastic bag you can

Even though you have already prepared boxes, you will need plastic bags, too. They are the best for liquid, bottles, and sensitive items. Also, plastic bags do not take so much space, so you can use it to save space in the boxes. They protect from the dust, too.

Large box
Everything can help you when moving

Small, Ziploc bags

Again, bags are irreplaceable in some situations. These small bags you can use for small things that you need to protect and save. They are also great for crews and nails that you have taken off from the furniture when disassembling. Prepare labeling ticket for them, too.

Trash bags

Why are trash bags among essential packing supplies? Well, you will need to classify things when packing. Things that are for throwing should throw away immediately. So, put the packing box on the one side and trash bag on the other and put items in one of them accordingly.

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