Expat guide to Saudi Arabia: 2022 edition

The main goal for almost every modern person is to improve their quality of life and career. To achieve your goals, you will do all it takes, even relocate your home overseas. And when you start your search for the country where you can make your dreams come true, for sure you will be attracted by KSA. It is easy to overlook how many people from all around the globe come to this country each year. Still, Saudi Arabia remains a perfect place to build your career. If you among those who are in doubt should move to Saudi Arabia or not, we can help you out. Our experts from moving companies in Saudi Arabia have prepared an expat guide to Saudi Arabia in 2022. We will help you figure out why you should not give up on this idea. Also, our services will help you conduct your move!

Reasons to use our expat guide to Saudi Arabia and move to this country in 2022

Although nothing is going to stay the same once you leave your country, sometimes it is worth it. Your lifestyle is going to be different once you become a Saudi Arabia resident. It will depend on the country you are came from and the things you are used to. However, whether you are coming from Europe or the United States, some things will be the same. Even if you expect a big difference in everyday life, you should not. Saudi Arabians are one of the most friendly and welcoming nations in the world. With this in your mind, it will be easier for you to prepare for the move with the help of our relocation services Saudi Arabia. Although cultural shock and language barrier are something we face when visiting many foreign countries, you will overcome it smoothly.

A person thinking about expat guide to Saudi Arabia while looking at the photo of Medina
Our expat guide to Saudi Arabia will help you realize which city to opt for.

This move will change your life

One of the best things you should know before your move is that people here speak multiple languages including English. This will help you feel at home when moving for a job. Also, there are many housing options all across Saudi Arabia. Further in this article, we will help you opt for the city you like the most, of course is possible because of your job. But, no matter which Saudi Arabia city you picked to move to, let’s see the general advantages of your decision. Firstly, in Saudi Arabia, you can expect low costs of living, tax-free incomes, safe cities with low crime rates, good weather all year round. Secondly, you will live in a central location for traveling, be a part of a culturally and spiritually rich community, enjoy beautiful nature and scenery. But what to expect here when it comes to your career?

Building under white clouds.
Moving to KSA will be an experience like no other.

Moving to KSA from another part of the world is a complex mission. Despite its complexity, many people hire our Saudi customs clearance and moving services and move their lives to this country. This is because Saudi Arabia offers endless job opportunities. Digital growth in this country is about to explode, and this attracts many foreign professionals. When we are talking about KSA, you should know it is one of the most stable trades and economic powerhouses in the Gulf region. Here you will find a job in the oil industry, banking, technology sectors, medical, as well as in the media. While you are making the right step for your career, you can count on attractive salaries but also a high standard of living. Once you decide to use our expat guide to Kingdom Saudi Arabia and move, you will get priceless international experience.

Our expat guide to Saudi Arabia contain places to consider before the move

Are you working in a company that is about to open a branch office in Saudi Arabia? In this case, you will probably need to find a new home in the capital and the largest city, Riyadh. Also, you may want or need to consider settling down in Dammam, Yanbu, Jeddah, or a small island country off the east coast- Bahrain. For any of mentioned places you chose, our logistics services in Saudi Arabia will be there at your disposal. Also, our expat guide to Saudi Arabia contains the most common reasons why you should find a new job and home in some of these places. Let’s start with Bahrain and check will this country will be suitable for you.

Should you move to Bahrain?

Although the Kingdom of Bahrain is a different country and not a part of KSA, it might be your choice for the job. Just like Saudi Arabia, this country attracts expats for affordable costs of living, a lot of recreational activities, many things to see and do, its rich culture, and ease of finding a residence. Once you become a Bahrain resident, you will enjoy magnificent restaurants, long walks in its gigantic malls, visit its historical sites. Unlike other Gulf countries which don’t allow expats to own properties, in Bahrain you could purchase a property. Even if you find a job in KSA, in Bahrain you can buy your vacation property. So, if planning to invest in the Middle East, Bahrain will be the perfect option for you.

photo of Bahrain from expat guide to Saudi Arabia
Bahrain attracts expats from all around the globe.

Luckily, once you find a home you what to buy and need to move to, we will be there by your side. Our Four Winds Saudi Arabia also has some of the top-rated moving companies in Bahrain. Hiring our Bahrain movers will enable you to have a smooth moving process. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or the top of your career, Bahrain can be a phenomenal place for you. And our Bahrain logistics and movers will make sure you get to your new workplace trouble-free.

Riyadh can be the city your will like the most according to our expat guide to Saudi Arabia

This is a city that is home to Saudi royals and living here will help you meet the country faster than you expect. Once you get over the culture shock and accept rules and customs you need to respect, living in Riyadh will become an adventure for you. Although you will take a while to adapt, for sure it will be richly rewarding.

Magnificent buildings in Riyadh
This is a city with endless opportunities in terms of jobs and affordable living.

The city has a population of about 5 million people and it is a center of economic development of the country. As the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a thriving economic hub and offers so many job opportunities for expats from all across the globe. Wondering why so many people do hire international movers and packers in Riyadh? Does it matter how old you are when considering moving to Riyadh? Just keep reading and you will find out who are the people who are coming to Riyadh and why.

 Reasons to move to Riyadh in 2022

One of the main reasons why so many expats decide to leave their homes and move to Riyadh is high salaries. Besides, you will avoid paying for income taxes and take a chance for savings in the long run. When it comes to sectors that offer jobs for expats, Riyadh will be ideal for you if you are looking for a job in the banking sector, medicine and health, IT sectors, construction, engineering, etc.

Saudi Arabia traditional tea
Try traditional food and beverages, that is important advice of our expat guide to Saudi Arabia.

Wondering what are your housing options in this city? Our local movers in Saudi Arabia have great new for you- you can count on home comforts in Riyadh. Most expats live in compounds consisting of apartments and villas. Here you can enjoy the relaxed and familiar way of life. Everything you need will be close to your home. These compounds contain shops, gyms, restaurants, and even schools your children will attend. One more good news is that groceries are well priced here. You will be surprised that groceries and electronics are reasonably priced here and petrol is dirt cheap. Wondering is Riyadh safe for a living? You should know that there are strong security measures around compounds. This means as an expert you will feel safe living here.

Whether you are a single young professional or want to raise a family in Riyadh, you will not make a mistake moving here. As a center of commerce and diplomacy, Riyadh also has a huge number of top-rated international schools. With so many excellent schools and affordable costs of living, Riyad can be perfect for you and your family.

Opt for Jeddah

This is one of the less conservative cities, according to many expats who did come to Saudi Arabia. Some of the reasons why you should move to Jeddah as expat are:

  • low cost of living and free-income taxes;
  • a lot of job opportunities for expats;
  • the city is safe and suitable for families;
  • you will be able to enjoy the sun, sports and many social events;
  • excellent food scene;
  • good health care.

Regardless of the city, you are currently living in, once you decide to hire our local movers in Jeddah and move, you will make the right step. This city is a buzzing cosmopolitan hub and attracts people from all around the world, no matter their ages. If you are lucky to get a job in Jeddah, don’t hesitate and accept it. Moving to Jeddah will be one of your best decisions in 2022. There is no doubt, our expat guide to Saudi Arabia will help you prepare for moving to Jeddah.

Masjid mosque wooden heritage
Get ready to meet the scenic architecture of Jeddah.

Prepare to move to Yanbu

If you what to experience living in a smaller city in Saudi Arabia, Yanbu will be your perfect choice. With a population of about 222000 residents, it is completely different for living than cities like Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah. Although you need just three hours of driving from Jeddah to Yanbu, Yanbu is a place with practically no traffic. This city has no shopping malls and magnificent restaurants, but it has iconic nature you will love.

If you decide to hire moving companies in Yanbu and move, you can finally have a Saudi Arabia home near the beach. This city is ideal for people who what to enjoy Red Sea activities, delicious food, entertainment, many festivals, and exhibitions. This city is unique, safe for families, has a large port which is important for business, and much more. So, before you opt for any larger city in KSA, consider would you like to be a part of a city such as Yanbu. And with our foreigners guide to Saudi Arabia, your tasks will be easier.

Many reasons to move to Dammam

Whether you are already living in KSA or just planning a big overseas move, you could be interested in Dammam. To help you find out if this city is suitable for you, our expat guide to Saudi Arabia includes things to know about Dammam. This city is perfectly located, especially for running a business. Dammam is a center of the oil industry and has over 1, 252000 residents. It has a large number of people and most of them came here for excellent job opportunities. Dammam has a lot of great schools, high salaries, an appealing climate, affordable housing options, and more. Once you decide to hire movers and packers Dammam and move to your new home, you will be grateful for the new experience you will have. Wish you luck regardless of the city you chose to move to!

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