Finding your dream job in Dammam: all you need to know

Saudi Arabia is one of the most attractive destinations for entrepreneurs and young professionals from all over the world. But Saudi Arabia is not just Riyadh and Jeddah. Dammam is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. As the opposite of most cities in KSA, it has a more modern infrastructure rather than the traditional one. With great job opportunities for foreigners, but also good educational and medical services, Dammam is becoming more and more popular. And if you’re thinking about finding your dream job in Dammam, we’ll show you all you need to know! Consider moving to Dammam? Find the best relocation services Saudi Arabia and move without stress.

Finding your dream job in Dammam – opportunities

It’s good to know that, while finding your dream job in Dammam, you have many options. Dammam mostly offers jobs in the oil and petrochemical industry, but there are other job opportunities for foreigners. Especially in the education, catering, media, and IT sphere. The city’s port – “King Abdul Aziz Sea Port” is the largest in the Persian Gulf. Dammam’s growing at the super-fast rate of 12% per year!

Due to Saudi Arabia’s tech ambitions, they are trying to make a “Silicon Valley” of the Middle East. Because of that, in Dammam will be more IT job offers than ever. There are already many tech companies involved in artificial intelligence and robotics, who offer jobs to foreigners. If you’re moving to Dammam soon, find packaging companies in Saudi Arabia to help you relocate the household.

a man using a drone in desert
If you’re interested in IT, modern technologies, oil industry shipping and commerce – consider finding your dream job in Dammam.

The economy

If you consider finding your dream job in Dammam, you need to learn more about its economy. Generally speaking, the growth of the Saudi Arabian oil industry into the largest in the world, is responsible for the development of Dammam. But, the key to the success of Dammam is that unlike other oil cities, it has developed in all spheres. Because of that, Dammam is now a modern urban and industrial center of Saudi Arabia.

Of course, the oil industry is major, but the city’s economy is supported by agriculture, especially dairying. The city’s economy is also supported by the shipping and commerce industry. Recently, Saudi Arabia tries to invest in modern technologies to transform its economy. They plan to build a data center and push digitalization. As a result, Dammam will have more and more IT job offers. You can also check other best cities to live in Saudi Arabia.

dammam marine
Dammam’s King Abdul Aziz Sea Port is the largest on the Persian Gulf.

The transportation

While finding your dream job in Dammam, it’s equally important to inform yourself about public transport. Since, you need to get to the workplace, somehow. Unfortunately, public transport in Dammam is poor. But, it’s not a tragedy. Favorite ways of transportation for foreign workers are taxi vehicles, rental cars, and dubbabs.

The best deal is to rent a car, while a taxi charge 10-20 SR for trips within the city proper. Luckily, Dammam has the King Fahd International Airport, the largest airport in the world in terms of land area. Dammam is connected to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and Jeddah on the west coast by Highway 40 Also, the Dammam Metro will open in 2021. And if you’re moving there soon, find out how to spend a day in Dammam.

road in Saudi Arabia
Taxis, cars and “dubbabs” are the most popular way of transportation for foreign workers in Dammam.

The climate

A warmer climate is something you should be aware of while finding your dream job in Dammam. Dammam is the city with a hot desert climate. Not all foreign workers can adapt to high temperatures every day. The summer lasts from May to September. The season is long, humid and with an average daily temperature of 40°C. Winter lasts from November to February with an average temperature of 25°C. The winter days are cool, dry and often windy.

Dammam lifestyle for foreigners

Unlike other cities in Saudi Arabia, Dammam is a more modern type of metropolis. Due to modern architecture, and beautiful water and nature, people adore Dammam. The whole Dammam area was based on modern urban planning. Residential areas are separate from commercial sections. The city is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, with hotels and office buildings everywhere. The architecture is more western-oriented, which is great for foreigners and tourism.

Also, Dammam residents are a mix of several different ethnicities and nationalities. International food is really popular there. You can enjoy many American chains such as KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Due to a large number of foreign workers in the city, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, Pakistani and other Asian food is also popular. But we recommend trying local dishes like The Kabsa – made with chicken instead of lamb meat.

Happy employee in office - this could be you after finding your dream job in Dammam
Foreign workers in Dammam can enjoy great housing offers, educational facilities, hospitals, and entertainment.

Entertainment for ex-pats

Finding your dream job in Dammam is great, but sometimes we all need some break from working. Luckily, Dammam has amazing entertainment destinations. Thanks to a lot of attractions, families consider living in Dammam. Beautiful nature, sea, long beaches, coral islands, and parks are just some of the destinations for fun. You can visit Dolphin Village where you can swim with dolphins! Adventure World is a theme park where you can ride a horse, climbing or enjoy dinning. Also, Coral Island is Dammam’s citizens’ favorite destination for relaxing.

Things you should avoid while finding your dream job in Dammam

Living in Dammam is not like living in New York. The lifestyle is completely different. There are things you should avoid and beware of while working in Dammam. For example, alcohol is banned.

Therefore, you can’t find bars and pubs in Dammam. But, there are cafes, and places serving specialty drinks. You can also find some non-alcoholic drinks in most shops. It’s best to mind your business and show respect to locals. Be aware of what you talk about around them. Avoid talking about liquor, drugs, sex, and women. Besides, try not to park close to the pavement in front of people’s homes, even if you’re waiting for someone. This is considered disrespectful and you can get in trouble.

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