Guide for retired expats in Saudi Arabia

I will start this article by saying that Saudi Arabia is not among the most popular countries to retire in, as an expatriate. However, that is not to say that it may not be perfect for some of them. For example, Yanbu is a great place for some and absolutely unacceptable to others. You can get a better picture of how many expats are moving there by contacting some moving companies in Yanbu, and you will have a much greater understanding of the situation. Other than that, you may want to refer to a guide for retired expats in Saudi Arabia, which is exactly the purpose of this article.

In any case, there are a few things that we will cover in this guide, from immigration policies, through healthcare, all the way to the pension scheme. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

If you are planning to retire in Saudi Arabia, you should make sure to have very good health insurance!

Guide for retired expats in Saudi Arabia – Immigration policies

Starting off, these policies are bad news for any expats that are about to retire. You will not be able to get a retirement visa easily but will need to procure a work visa. This visa needs to be verified and guaranteed by an employment contract and sponsorship. Needless to say, it is really hard to acquire such a visa. Before you can search for international movers Jeddah, you need to carefully weigh your chances of acquiring a visa in Jeddah. Simple as that.

It is, however, possible to acquire it through family ties. It is no guarantee, though, even if your spouse is a Saudi citizen. Acquiring the visa gets even harder if the expat is not of the Muslim faith.

If your plan is to acquire citizenship through naturalization, you can safely forget about it. It is impossible in SA.


Another real concern for retired expats is healthcare, for obvious reasons. While the medical system in SA is actually really good and free of charge for anyone that is a resident or an expat that is working in the Kingdom, retired ones will have to resort to paying quite a bit for healthcare. You really need to have good health insurance if retiring in SA.

If you do have good medical insurance, however, Saudi Arabia has really good clinics and hospitals. People from across the world come here for some surgeries.

Pension scheme

Again, expats that are retiring in Saudi Arabia cannot count on getting a state pension. Finding a perfect real estate opportunity in Riyadh will account for little if you can’t afford it. Usually, these people have their own, corporate, pension scheme. The most critical part is making sure that your pension income is able to be paid to your account in SA. There are some legislative clauses that can make this process a bit difficult. Give yourself plenty of time to sort that out, before actually retiring. You will be better for it.

Figure out your own pension plan. People in Saudi Arabia cannot count on getting a state pension.

Finally, living in SA can get very costly very fast. If you want to keep your previous living standard, you may need to figure out how much exactly will it cost and can you afford it in the long run.

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