Packing services discounts you can negotiate for

People who move often say that packing their stuff is the most difficult part. It is not a surprise. In every home, there are thousands of items. Hiring packaging companies in Jeddah is one of the ways that you can ease this process. However, hiring a packing service can significantly raise the price of your already expensive move. Luckily there are ways that you can lower the cost of a packing service. Specifically, by offering your own packaging materials, or helping your packers. Here are the packing services discounts that you can negotiate for.

Get your packing services discounts by using your own packaging materials

When you hire a moving company, packing services will not be included in your price. If you are moving long-distance or you will be shipping your items via sea cargo Riyadh, you will need to pack your belongings better than usual. On the other hand, maybe you do not have time or will to do it on your own. Therefore, if you want your movers to pack your belongings, you will have to explicitly ask for their packing service. Of course, this kind of service will increase the price of your move.

Cardboard boxes
If you use your own packing materials you can lower your packing service price

The movers will charge you by the hour, and they will charge you their packing materials. Now, people who move often, sometimes save boxes and wraps so they could use them next time they move. If you are one of those people, negotiate this with your movers. If they can use your packing materials, you will certainly get packing services discounts.

Give your packers a hand and earn packing services discounts

As mentioned above, the packers cost by the hour. If you want to hire them for your move, the more time they spend packing your items, the more you will pay. Therefore, if you want to earn some packing services discounts, offer them your help. Particularly, you can spend a few days easily packing your trinkets and smaller items. So when your movers arrive, they do not need to spend too much time packing your belongings. They will not need to waste time on your knick-knacks and ornaments, and they can concentrate on the items that you really could pack on your own.

Pack your valuables and sensitive items on your own

One thing that your packers will probably need to charge additionally is packing your valuables, art or musical instruments. These things usually require a special approach and different packing materials. As they are so sensitive and valuable, your packer will need more time to deal with them. Therefore if you want to earn Packing services discounts, deal with specialty objects before they arrive.

Box with fragile sign on it
Pack your sensitive items on your own and earn packing services discounts

Sometimes there is no chance for a discount

Those are the situations where you can negotiate packing services discounts. However, there are a lot of situations where you will need their services and you cannot do anything to lower the price of your move. Like when you are car shipping from Saudi Arabia to the USA, for example. In that case, they will need to put the car in a crate. So you can’t help them much, even if you want.

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